Friday, June 10, 2016

Some Attack lines on Hillary for trump

Some Attack lines on Hillary for trump
1.Worst secretary of state in history. Our enemies advanced, the Arab world disintegrated into terror under her watch. Totally incompetent. I would never give an incompetent person like that a promotion. America should not
2.Uses USA as her personal corruption fund, while betraying USA with taking bribes from our enemies (HOLD UP CLINTONCASH book at each stop) Evidently we both like profit. i made mine in business. she made hers in bribes.
3.She Either lying about her emails, denying there was anything wrong with storing personal server in her bathroom, our top top secrets being hacked by our adversaries, OR she is too stupid to understand what classified material is, even though she was top diplomat. Her actions jeopardized our agents worldwide.
4.Hates women: led campaign to abuse the women Bill raoed and abused. Bring along one of the women Bill abused.
5.Secret service agent who served her 8 years just wrote book saying she is insane and way too angry to be prez (hold up copy of the book)
6.Admits to wanting to take our guns, kill all coal and fracking jobs, raise taxes.
7.Bring Benghazi family member to tell everyone she LIED to us all about cause of the 4 deaths to cover for obama’s lying narrative
8.Supports Obamacare. Bring along people who tell story about how premiums bankrupt them
9.ISRAEL-when hamas who admits they want all Jews dead, fired 10,000 missiles at Israel from schools and hospitals, Hllary said it was ok they did that because gaza is so small. When Israel wanted to build apartments in Jerusalem, capital of istrael for 3000 years, she screamed at Bibi for an hour. and she supports catastrophic iran deal.
10.Bring someone who was hurt by illegal criminal alien not deported and say Hillary wants OPEN BORDERS/ NO CONTROL
11.Obama doubled all our previous debt from $9 trillion to $19 trillion after calling the $9 trillion “unpatriotic”. Hillary’s proposed massive expansion of government will double it again, bankrupting us
12. I build hundreds of companies. Today it would be impossible because of massive new regulations she supports. That ois why more businesses close than open today.
1.Not all Muslims are evil by any stretch but 99.9% of terrorism form Muslims and she won’t say the word. How can we fix it if we can’t name it even.

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