Sunday, June 5, 2016

Trump: Don't sweat the small stuff. Paint the big picture.

Campaign advice to Trump. You won the nomination. Stop responding to every little attack. Paint the big picture. No more ethnic jibes. stick to this: Don't sweat the small stuff.
1. Benghazi Hillary incompetent, ruining world, traitor, liar, scandal after scandal, radical leftists, abused women Bill abused, anti israel, pro Islamic jihad, pro iran deal, gun confiscator, raise taxes, more regulations. She is embracing Obama, worst Prez ever, record poverty. doubled debt.. gutted military,. no borders. Obamacare disastor.. Iran deal catastrophe. birthed isis. anemic non-recovery. First Potus Ever to not get % growth. rising racial tension. attacks cops.
2 TRUMP: I will destroy isis, rebuild military, reign in iran, China, Russia, North Korea, Alquida. rebuild military, stop illegal immigration, cut taxes, get growth going again to create jobs. I made billions. Hillary has never had to meet a payroll, has not driven own car in 40 years. That is what america needs to become great again.
TREASONOUS HILLARY: Debased, corrupt, evil, lying, incompetent, radical, pro jihad, Hillary STORY
3. Why Trump could be a great President. Obama is the worst. Hillary dangerous

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