Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Protesters at Trump rallys are PAID protesters

Protesters at Trump rallys are PAID protesters
Why hasn't George Soros been arrested for 'Inciting a Riot"?
Multiple news sources have reported that the infamous George Soros has paid protesters to show up and disrupt ANYTHING connected to law-abiding Conservatives gatherings… and most recently to disrupt peaceful Donald Trump rallies.
Do you see this happening to Sanders or Hillary rallies by Trump supporters or Republicans? NEVER!
It has been reported that many of the protesters were paid by either Soros,MoveOn.org, BlackLivesMatter or other Soros-connected organizations. Many of the protesters said they answered ads on Craigslist.
Unfortunately, most of the protesters end up trying to escalate to the level of inciting violent clashes with peaceful rally-goers. These pre-planned confrontations usually end up with arrests and injuries to citizens and police.

QUESTION: Isn’t this behavior considered “Inciting a Riot” or other serious criminal activity? There must be a statute or law by which George Soros can be arrested and charged!!!

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