Friday, November 20, 2015

Morally perverted analogy between WW2 fleeing Nazis and Syrian refugees

9 reasons why comparing WW2 Jewish refugees and today's Muslim Syrian refugees is a specious and reprehensible analogy.
The latest from the delusional, suicidal or just plain stupid left is that refusing to take Syrian refugees is the same as refusal to save Jews from Hitler in WW2. And when obama whines "we don't want to take in widows and children", we know 80% are fighting age males and he (Obama) just doesn't want his grand jihad schemes thwarted or limited.
Why Syrian refugees NOT = to Jewish refugees WW2
a. Jews were not a terror threat; there is evidence terrorists are hiding among Syrian refugees. FBI says we cannot vet them. Obama’s own DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson actually said “we don’t know a whole lot” about Syrian refugees coming into America, and that DHS has “no active protocol” for properly screening them. Paris killers came as “refuges”  
 b. Jews were singled out for persecution by the Nazis, not (initially) fleeing an ongoing war.
 c. Jews had nowhere to go; Syrian refugees should have many places to go.
 d. Opposition to Jewish refugees was “racial”; opposition to Syrian refugees is based on security concerns.
e.  Many of the Syrian “refugees” are neither Syrian, nor refugees.
f. The Jewish refugees had communities willing and able to resettle them; the Syrian refugees may not
See full article here about abovev from breitbart
g. Obama has already admitted a million + Muslims under the radar to USA, 25% of whom support violent jihad.
h. Islamic goal is conquest by invasion this way principle of islam, Hiraj, conquest by invasion.
i. Why does Obama want this? Obama is not asleep. He is not delusional or stupid or naive. His father was Muslim. He was educated in Indonesian Muslim schools. Rev Wright says Obama asked him to become Christian for show and not give up islam. Why would anyone come up with any explanation for Obama other than the obvious? He is a pro islamic jihadist. Here are 250 examples.
+ 80% Moslems vote Democratic
+Bill and Hillary have take HUGE $ from Jihadist nations

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