Sunday, November 8, 2015

One year from today, Nov. 8, 2016 Election day,hopefully America will come to its senses

ONE YEAR FROM TODAY. Nov. 8, 2016 Election day
One year from today, hopefully America will come to its senses and elect a Republican president and increase majorities in the Senate and House. Obama/Clinton/Kerry have done sever damage to this nation and world, and the ship must be righted. We have a surge of Islamic terrorism (Isis, Alquida) our allies betrayed, Russia and China expanding. Israel has been threatened by a US administartion determined to hurt her. Both a president and Secr of State Clinton anti semitic and pro jihadist. 200+ examples of Obama support for radical Islamic jihad examples  and

     Democrats were the original racist bigots, supporting segregation and the KKK. Now Democrats hurt minorities with their policies in other horrible ways. Democratic policies, while sounding pro minority, in actuality, HURT Blacks, women, and Hispanics terribly. Under Obama, record poverty, record welfare dependency, no border control has allowed millions of illegals to take jobs from citizen Blacks and Hispanics, middle class wealth loss. Massive increases in murder rates in our cities of Black youth killing other blacks (95% black deaths), GROWING income inequality. Instead of growing the economy and a HAND UP to everyone, the “recovery” from the Democratic caused recession of 2008 has been pitiful, hurting everyone. Black unemployment has skyrocketed. And most jobs lost were of women. They are purposely creating more racial divide by hiring outside professional rioters in Furgeson and Baltimore. The Democrats have no clue on how to grow the economy, really help minorities have safe neighborhoods, good jobs, and their efforts to redistribute income just pay for more bureaucrats and their fatcat contributors.  Their probable candidate is a serial liar, who sells out her country routinely so her husband can get bigger speaker fees for their phony “Foundation” which basically enhances their lavish lifestyle.
Hillary is even more radical than Obama economically and will be an Obama third term on steroids. More devastation. They want to take guns away from Americans who need them for self-defense, and would obviously leave them only in the hands of the criminals.  Vote Republican! Convince all your friends and neighbors. Our future is at stake.
Here are details of the Democratic party ruinous policies
Ad campaign they need 2016

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