Thursday, November 5, 2015

Today is the anniversary of Fort Hood

Today is the anniversary of Fort Hood, when a Muslim psychiatrist killed 13 soldiers on a US military base, shouting “allah akbar” as he did so, and to this day, Obama calls it “workplace violence.” In “honor” of the occasion, we find a Muslim stabbed 5 people at a  Calif. college yesterday. 1. and we find, Muslim Brotherhood, declared by Congress this week as a terrorist group, is openly working to elect Democrats in 2016. 2. Obama loves Muslim Brotherhood and has tried his best to aid them. 3. Bibi’s new spokesman today speaks the unPC truth that Obama is an anti-Semite, which is obvious to anyone not on lala land. Hillary, now needing Jewish money and votes, pledges to renew “peace talks” between Israel and the barbarian, murderous, phony Palestinians who don’t want peace. They want Jews dead and to steal Jewish land. 4. What people need to understand is besides being a liar (Benghazi), criminal felon (private server with classified info on it as Secr of State), selling our her country to profit her phony charitable foundation, 5.Hillary is a long time Israel HATER and pro jihadist herself 6. This is besides the plethora of ways Obama/Hillary/Kerry have worked to ruin USA domestically and in our foreign policy. 7
Our biggest threat is electing another democrat as president. Our #1 goal to save the USA and world, must be to elect a Republican President.

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