Saturday, November 7, 2015

ADS 2016: Winning in 2016 The Republicans have to get the base out, plus peel off some % of Blacks and Hispanics, and convince independents Hillary is dangerous. I think these will be the ads that will do it :

Winning in 2016
The Republicans have to get the base out, plus peel off some % of Blacks and Hispanics, convert 25% Jews in Florida and a few other purple states to Republican, and convince independents and Reagan democrat types that Hillary is dangerous. I think these 3 ads will be the ads that will do it :
1.     Democratic policies, while sounding pro minority, in actuality, HURT Blacks, women, and Hispanics terribly. Under Obama, record poverty, record welfare dependency, no border control has allowed millions of illegals to take jobs from citizen Blacks and Hispanics, middle class wealth loss. Massive increases in murder rates in our cities of Black youth killing other blacks (95% black deaths), GROWING income inequality. Instead of growing the economy and a HAND UP to everyone, the “recovery” from the democratic caused recession of 2008 has been pitiful, hurting everyone. Black unemployment has skyrocketed. And most jobs lost were of women. They are purposely creating more racial divide by hiring outside professional rioters in Furgeson and Baltimore. The Democrats have no clue on how to grow the economy, really help minorities have safe neighborhoods, good jobs,  and their efforts to redistribute income just pay for more bureaucrats and their fatcat contributors.  Hillary is even more radical than Obama economically and will be an Obama third term on steroids. More devastation. They want to take guns away from Americans who need them for self-defense, and would obviosuly leave them only in the hands of the criminals. Democrats were the original racist bigots, supporting segregation. Now Democrats hurt minorities with their policies in other horrible ways. You’ve tried them. It does not work. Vote Republican!

2.      Hillary Clinton, as Secr. Of State, sold out our country with deals to our adversaries and enemies, just so her husband could collect bigger speaking fees, to feed their phony Clinton Foundation, which dispenses pitifully little charity, but paid $30 million for them to fly around the world in luxury.  She LIED repeatedly about Benghazi, telling her daughter it was an organized terrorist attack but told the nation for weeks it was about a video, to protect Obama’s fiction that terrorism was on the run. She somehow, supposedly,  never even heard of 600 requests from her supposed “close friend” the ambassador for more security there, and let him and 3 other brave Americans die to continue Obama’s fiction. She jeopardized our national security with her private, illegal email server, allowing our enemies to hack into our national secrets. Hillary lied about after whom she was named. Lied abut dodging enemy fire getting off a helicopter. Lied about Benghazi.
This, and many other scandals, are partly why 60% Americans do not rust her. In addition, as architect of Obama’s catastrophic foreign policy, the world is much worse off and unsafe than ever before. All of our allies have lost faith and feel betrayed by Clinton, Kerry and Obama. Remember the ridiculous reset button with Russia. How does that look now? China? Catastrophic Iran deal she helped forge? Isis not even impeded, while her boss called it JV and blowing up airlines. Elect her and who knows what worse tragedies we will see. She cannot be trusted to navigate in these difficult times. Every decision she helped make was terrible, and often a lie. Do you trust her to battle Isis? control Iran? Stop Russian and Chinese expansion? Reassure our allies? No way!

3. In Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania targeting Jewish metro areas, show Dem. 2012 convention booing Jerusalem, highlight 42/46 Dem Senators supported Iran deal and show Iran leader saying we will wipe out Israel, and tell viewers to go here and read Hillary’s long history of betraying Israel, except when she wants Jewish votes and money, including private emails from Sid Blumenthal to her on her private server cursing Israel.

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