Monday, November 16, 2015

Don't expect any real fight vs Isis from USA.

People looking for the USA to help in the fight vs Isis should forget it. The entire Democratic Party is endangering our security
1.     Obama has done ZIP about Isis in a year (JV, no strategy and then pretends to fight them).  Now they are coming here.
2.     Defying all reality, Obama tells us 99.9% Muslims want what “we want”, that Isis has nothing to do with Islam, that Islam teaches peace. ALL LIES.   WHY?  Because
3.     Obama is a radical Islamic jihadist. The evidence is overwhelming. No one but a jihadst could have pushed the Iran deal. He backed Morsi Moslem brotherhood to take over Egypt. Has hired many Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in the government. Castrated the ability of our defense agencies to investigate radical Islam. And 250 other examples of his proclivity for radical jihad.  and  His “Christian pastor of 26 years says Obama never gave up Islam after being born from a Muslim father and educated in Indonesian Muslim schools.
4.     The entire Democratic Party is similarly endangering our security, Bernie Sanders said this week climate change causes terrorism. Hillary has a long history of pro jihad and anti-Israel. Our Illinois senator, Durbin who called our soldiers  “Nazis”, NY junior Senator and many others have called for importing 100,000 + more Syrians, despite the clear evidence that some of the Paris killers were such refugees.  House members
The White house assures us they will be vetted, but intelligence experts laugh at that. They approve of over 350 “Sanctuary cities” in defiance of the law, allowing ILLEGAL violent criminals to remain under their protection when they should be deported and allowing a wide open border allowing in terrorists and Mexican drug cartels members

Remember this:  83 percent of Republicans support Israel compared to 48 percent of Democrats.

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