Friday, November 20, 2015

The disgusting LIES Democrats say about the Syrian refugee issue

Refuting Obama/Hillary/left’s lies and delusions about Syrian refugees
1. Absurd to compare refusing Syrian Muslim refugees to WW2 Jews. WW2 Jews were not violent suicide bombers.
2. All intelligence agencies says we cannot vet them. Obama is LYING, as usual and will let in jiahdists who will kill Americans. Plus Obama has eliminated our intelligence agencies ability to investigate Moslems here. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but in France 60% approve of suicide bombings, and in US 25% admit to support violent jihad. See list of US Muslim attacks. Does anyone in their right mind believe these Muslims coming from shariah jihadi nations will be LESS inclined to support violence or shariah than the US Moslems here for awhile? ? Of course not. They will be at least as dangerous, and surely MORE. It is not just about whether we can vet the refugees, (2) which contrary to the Democrat’s lies, all our intelligence services say we cannot. It is that huge % of Muslims in USA and the west support violent jihad.
Admitting Muslims is suicide. It endangers all of us.
3. Obama is lying when he says they are 3 year old orphans. 80% are military age men. Theyn were purposely sent by isis to conuer Europe. .
4. Obama lying when he says we are not at war with Islam. They are at war with us. Approx. 800,000,000 Moslems worldwide support violent jihad vs. West. 25% US Moslems admit to supporting violent jihad. 60% French Moslems support suicide bombing. Not all Moslems are terrorists but virtually all terrorists today are Muslims. Obama lies when he says Isis has no connection to Islam. There is no islamophobia. A phobia must be irrational. Nothing irrational about fear of Moslems.
5. Obama says if opposed, we are discriminating based on religion. Obama discriminates. He allows in ONLY Muslims, virtually no Yazidis or Christians fleeing the Moslem butchers.
6. Obama is already flooding USA with Muslims million plus.
7. The key to understand is Obama is a pro-Islamic jihadist. That is the only logical explanation + wants more Dem votes.  US Moslems vote 80% Dem. They know whom their friends are. + Hillary took many milloions in bribes for the Clinton Foundation from jihadi Muslim nations. The key to understand is Obama is a pro-Islamic jihadist. That is the only logical explanation. Why does Obama handcuff FBI investigating terrorism and 250 other examples.
8. We must rely on Israel’s experience with terrorists to fight them effectively
9. Isis does not even care about the phony Palestinian issue
10. This is not historically how refugees are best handled
11. The delusional left says we need to understand Isis, stop irritating them, come to a political solution and other idiocies. There is only one solution, force. Would “understanding” or appeasing hitler have stopped him?
2. Since that day, where Muslims killed 3000 Americans, Muslims have killed at least 66 people in 41 separate acts of terrorism in the United States + plenty of mass murder plots against Americans by Islamic terrorists that were thwarted
5. Obama flooding nation with Muslim terrorists but REFUSES to allow in Christians fleeing for their lives
10. Ambassador John Bolton: There have long been international conventions about how you handle massive refugee flows, whether from national disasters or war zones. And our obligations are very clear. It is to provide humanitarian assistance and protection to the refugees in refugee camps in their country of first asylum. And then, to consider, at our discretion, bringing refugees to this country.

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