Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Obama attending climate summit is supposed to scare Isis how?

 Barack Obama says he will “rebuke” ISIS by attending a global climate conference in Paris next week.Obama willing to create world-wide depression and make it impossible for poor African nations to ever get out of poverty, through imposition of draconian economy busting new environmental regulations for the small chance that oceans will not rise 1/10 of an inch 200 years from now. And that is supposed to scare Isis how?
     Obama and Hillary are both Islamic terrorist appeasers. They have been pretending to fight Isis with their phony, pretend coalition of 65 nations that do nothing, “JV”, “no strategy yet” “contained” “killers with good social media” all the while Isis controls a caliphate bigger than Indiana and took down a Russian passenger jet and killed 129 in paris in last 2 weeks. Hillary is as misguided here as she is about everything. The record is clear that U.S. foreign policy collapsed on Clinton’s watch and the world is a far more dangerous and far less free place as a result.
WHY?  Obama, born and raised a Muslim, never converted away from Islam and supports radical jihad. Hundreds of examples..

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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