Monday, November 23, 2015

Most laughable and bizarre Obamaism/leftism of the year "Isil has nothing to do with islam."

Most laughable and bizarre Obamaism/leftism of the year "Isil has nothing to do with islam."
Saying the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam is like telling someone eating a burrito they bought at Burrito Brothers that Burrito Brothers has “nothing whatsoever” to do with burritos
by ArchitectGuy
Why Does the Left Continue to Insist that Islamic Terrorism Has Nothing to Do with Islam?
by Jonah Goldberg
November 21, 2015
...What I find interesting is that many of the same people who clutch their pearls at the mere suggestion that Islamic terrorism has anything to do with — oh, what’s the word again? — oh right: Islam, seem to have no problem making the case that “Christian terrorism” is like a real thing. Remember how so many liberals loved — loved — Obama’s sophomoric and insidious tirade about not getting on our “high horses” about ISIS’s atrocities in the here and now because medieval Christians did bad things a thousand years ago? They never seem to think that argument through. Leaving out the ass-aching stupidity of the comparison, it actually concedes the very point Obama never wants to concede. By laying the barbaric sins of Christians a thousand years ago at the feet of Christians today, he implicitly tags Muslims with the barbarism committed in their name today"

LIES Rebutted
Obama, Hillary and the rest of the Islamic terrorist’s appeasers line is to repeatedly say “we are not at war with Islam” and “these terrorist acts have nothing to do with Islam”. The first is a straw man/red herring and the second is nonsense and dangerous and makes her unfit to lead. (one of 50 reasons).
1.    “we are not at war with Islam” NO ONE says we are. Israel has peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. 2x Israel has offered sovereignty to the Palestinians, only to be met with greater violence. It is radical Islamic jhadism we are at war with, and that these idiots refuse to acknowledge.
2. Liberal lunacy says Isis, Alquida and the other plethora of Moslem terrorist groups has nothing to do with Islam.…/List_of_Islamist_terrorist_attac… read this list and then say with a straight face that Islam has 0 to do with the terrorism. They call themselves Islamic state. They say anyone who does not call them that will have their tongues cut out. Turkey’s Islamic leader says there is no such thing as moderate Muslims. He says All are radical. El Sisi, head of Egypt, is closing 27000 mosques because they radicalize Moslems. 
Every one of Islamic terror groups claim inspiration from Islam. See how many worldwide terrorist groups are Moslem.…/List_of_designated_terrorist_gro…
Worst Islamic nation is Iran and they are Islamic theocracy.
13% Syrian refugees claim loyalty to Isis.
In Poll of Frances’ 6.5 million Muslims, 60% say suicide bombing is always, or sometimes ok.
Islam has always been violent killed 590 million through the years.
Majority of Palestinians support violence against Jews. 
Hamas says kill all Jews. 
Quran is a very violent book, advocating violent jihad.
Muslims has been violent against other Moslems with whom they disagree and non-Muslims since the beginning.
There are non-violent Moslems who do not rape, treat gays and women miserably etc., but that is not all. Read be shocked at Moslem violence if you aren’t already

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