Friday, November 20, 2015

The best argument vs more Muslim refugees no one is making

Aside from the many good arguments out there as to why we should prevent the Syrian refugees from coming here, I don’t see anyone making this argument and it is crucial in understanding why admitting 100,000 refugees is a terrible idea, as well as the million+ Muslims Obama has snuck into the USA already.
Contrary to Obama’s lie that 99.9% of Muslims want what we want, or Hillary’s LIE that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, the FACTS are polls show 25% of USA Muslims endorse violent jihad, and 51% want shariah. (1) The %s are much higher for younger USA Muslims. These are from Muslims who have been here awhile. Since 9-11,see the 40+ Islamic terror attacks on US soil here

Does anyone in their right mind believe these Muslims coming from shariah jihadi nations will be LESS inclined to support violence or shariah? Of course not. They will be at least as dangerous, and surely MORE. It is not just about whether we can vet the refugees, (2)  which contrary to the Democrat’s lies, all our intelligence services say we cannot. It is that huge % of Muslims in USA and the west support violent jihad.
Admitting Muslims is suicide. It endangers all of us.

So why are Obama/Hillary pushing this dangerous, suicidal policies?

This bizarre lunacy of the left/Democrats is understandable once we understand Obama is pro-Islmic jihad. I’ve compiled a list of 250+ examples. .    and that 80% Muslims vote Democratic, plus the multi millions Clinton Foundation received from Islamic jihad nations
And Hillary is the most corrupt person ever to run for president and pro-Islamic jihadist and anti-israel



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