Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Syrian refugees abc

Syrian refugees abc
1. Absurd to compare refusing Syrian Muslim refugees to WW2 Jews. WW2 Jews were not violent suicide bombers.
2. All intelligence agencies says we cannot vet them. Obama is LYING, as usual and will let in jiahdists who will kill Americans. Plus Obama has eliminated our intelligence agencies ability to investigate Moslems here.
3. Obama is lying when he says they are 3 year old orphans. 80% are military age men.
4. Obama lying when he says we are not at war with islam. they are at war with us. 800,000,000 Moslems worldwide support violent jihad vs. West. Not all Moslems are terrorists but virtually all terrorists today are moslems. Obama lies when he says isis has no connection to islam.
5. Obama says if opposed, we are discriminating based on religion. obama discriminates. He allows in ONLY MOSLEMS, virtually no Yazidis or chrsitians fleeing the Moslem butchers.
6. Obama is already flooding USA with Moslems
7. The key to understand is Obama is a pro Islamic jihadist. That is the only logical explanation

5. .       Obama flooding nation with Muslim terrorists but REFUSES to allow in Christians fleeing for their lives


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