Friday, November 20, 2015

Reform Movement leader embraces language used by BDS and haters of israel

The BDS disgusting language of Reform Judaism’s leader
Rabbi Rick Jacobs claims the Reform Movement has “unconditional love for Israel” and then has swallowed whole the language and views of those who wish to see Israel destroyed.
The Reform leader said the American movement “has long opposed Israeli settlement policy in the West Bank,” adding that “the occupation threatens the very Zionism we hold dear, the living expression of a Jewish and Democratic state.

Is he so delusional that he thinks any "Palestinian leader" will ever accept any deal except Israel's destruction? (they turned it down 2x already)

The “settlements” are:
1. on historic Jewish land that go back 4000 years,
2. disputed by international law but so are hundreds of other conflicts
3. The “Palestinians “ are a phony made –up people just created recently to weaken Israel. Romans changed name of Jewish Judea to Palestine in 2nd century to divert attention away from the Jewish inhabited land. They named it after a foreign people, the Philistines, which had zero connection to the region or any Arabs.  97% Palestinians live now under Palestinian rule.
b. Soviets created the phony Palestinian people in modern times. (1b)
4. These “Palestinians have NO interest in peace with Israel. They want Jews dead and Israel destroyed.
“Free Free Palestine”, BDS, “End the occupation” are all based on LIES, and are about destroying all OF Israel and killing Jews.
a. Israel withdrew 100% from Gaza 0 years ago and just got 10,000 missiles shot at them
Israel offered the west Bank 2x to Arafat and Abbas and was refused. Abbas admitted his deal this week.  Palestinians have zero interest in peace/
b. The "end the occupation" movement sponsored by Muslim terror groups, has a goal to cover up their barbarian atrocities over their own populations. They target Jews as a scapegoat to divert attention from the barbaric, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-freedom, anti-democratic countries over which they enslave their populations.
c. Majority Palestinians support violent jihad vs Jews, as do Hamas officially and Abbas. 78% of Palestinians expressed support for “attempts to stab or run over Israelis” in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Only 20% were opposed. Palestinians have also consistently supported terrorist attacks against Israelis within Israel’s original borders, “often by as much as six to one.” Palestinian state supporters at this time, are Jew haters, or if Jewish, delusional, fratricidal, immoral Cains
d. The only free Arabs in the entire region are in Israel and that is very dangerous for the tyrannical barbarians in the neighborhood. Israel is one of the few truly great gifts to the world, contributing HUGELY to the world in every way. The jihadist Muslims are just JEALOUS, and scapegoating/lying about Israel and Jews to divert attention from the misery they force on their people. Israel is the great hope of all Arabs because it shows freedom can exist in the Middle East.
e. Phony Palestinians started killing Jews BEFORE Israel won Gaza and West Bank in 1967. PLO started in 1964. What did they want to liberate then? Obviously ALL of Israel
5. The Reform leader uses the same language as Muslim terror groups that organized the BDS movement.  BDS movement is not about boycott. It is about destroying Israel. It is funded by terrorist groups.  Muslim Student Association, Students for Justice in Palestine and CAIR all are terrorist sponsored and linked groups   When given a choice in pew poll, most Palestinians said they preferred to live in Israel, rather than a Palestinian state.
6. The Reform Movements anti-Israel view is understandable since their real religion seems to be LEFTISM (adopting thre latest view of the ultra left.), and the US left is increasingly anti-Israel. .Israel is quickly becoming a partisan issue in USA. American Democrats have turned on Israel increasingly. Delegates to 2012 Dem convention booed Jerusalem. 42/46 Dem Senators voted for Iran deal. See Hundreds of examples of Obama’s support for Islamic jihad and anti-Israel timeline  Hillary’s long hatred of Israel and support for Islamic jihad . Bernie sanders adopted the sick view that Israel “overreacted” to the 10,000 missiles. Leftist Jews who condemn Israel are delusional and fratricidal and have bought into the lying Palestinian narrative, the new J Street U's president is a Pakistani Moslem female - anti-Israel, anti Semitic, pro-pali, pro-jihadist!!!!!!!
This bizarre lunacy of the left/Democrats is understandable once we understand Obama is pro-Islmic jihad. I’ve compiled a list of 250+ examples. .    and that 80% Muslims vote Democratic, plus the multi millions Clinton Foundation received from Islamic jihad nations
And Hillary is the most corrupt person ever to run for president and pro-Islamic jihadist and anti-israel
She says
Bernie thinks Israel “overreacts” to 10,000 missiles from Gaza.  Another Jihadist sympathizer on the left.

Let your Reform leaders know you won't tolerate this betrayal of israel and their alignment with the Muslim terrorsts.

The BDS disgusting language of Reform Judaism’s leader
The Reform leader said the American movement “has long opposed Israeli settlement policy in the West Bank,” adding that “the occupation threatens the very Zionism we hold dear, the living expression of a Jewish and Democratic state.

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