Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dictator loving Hillary hypocritically says "we can't cozy up"

Has there ever been a bigger hypocrite in politics than Hillary? Speaking to the American legion today, she says "we can never cozy up to dictators'"
-says the lady who corrupt Foundation took hundreds of millions from the worst dictators in the world
-Says the lady who, thru her corrupt Foundation, allow 20% of our uranium to go to Russia who then sold it to Iran.
-says the lady who endorses Obama's catastrophic iran deal
-says the lady who tried to justify Hamas terrorists sending 10,000 missiles at Israel from windows and schools
-says the lady who supports Obama's overtures to the Castros.
-says the lady who says we need to empathize with terrorists
-says the lady endorsed by KKK Grand wizard and accepted $20,000 donation from KKK
-says the lady who, after Arab Spring protests unseated Mubarak and led to democratic elections, the Egyptian military, led by Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, staged a coup. El-Sisi suspended the country’s 2012 Constitution, appointed officials from the former dictatorship, and moved to silence opposition. Sisi traveled to the U.S. in 2014 and met with Clinton and her husband, posing for a photo. The Obama administration last year lifted a hold on the transfer of weapons and cash to el-Sisi’s government.
-Clinton played a central role in legitimizing a 2009 military coup in Honduras, and once called Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad a “reformer.” And in return for approving arms deals to gulf state monarchies, Clinton accepted tens of millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

-Famous picture of her smiling with Arafat
Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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