Friday, August 26, 2016

Trump plan last 70 days: focus on these 3: economy, her incompetency at State, and her corruption

Memo to Trump: Keep it simple and focus focus focus.
Last 70 days, Hillary will try and run out the clock, and smear Trump. He needs to hone in on a couple of basic things and hammer them home. I think 3. Don't confuse electorate with too much.
1. Obama economy sucks and Hillary will make it worse while Trump will make it better. Economy and jobs are issues 1 and 2 in polls. After 8 years of Obama, and Hillary going to be Obama’s 3rd term, we have: record POOR economic growth over 8 years-NEVER once reaching even 3% because of huge new regulations and high taxes she will continue, record poverty, a gutted military, Obamacare disaster, heightened racial tension, surge in murders in our cities, and killing of cops, VA scandal unfixed, doubling of all previous debt, 14 million employees quit job market leading to record low labor participation rate record low home ownership in 60 years, 58% black youth unemployment, huge influx illegal immigrants. MORE DISASTOROUS DEMOCRATIC ANEMIC GROWTH
2. Hillary=disastrous and dangerous foreign policy. Hillary was worst secretary of state ever and it is dangerous to make her commander-in-chief. Under her watch: all of our allies alienated and adversaries and enemies enhanced, (Iran, China, N. Korea, Russia, Isis, all surging) disastrous massive growth of Islamic terror here and worldwide, catastrophic iran deal, birth of Isis, 400,000 dead in Syria, Syrian refugee crisis destroying Europe, Isis terror here. Caroline Glick of Jer. Post says Obama worst ever for Israel and Hillary will be worse. Bibi definitely wants trump.
3. Hillary is 100% corrupt, liar, sold out State dept for pay. She cannot be trusted with nation.

Don't let your friends or family fall for the Hillary CON

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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