Thursday, August 18, 2016

There are profound political disagreements but this election is also about keeping evil out of the White House .

There are profound political disagreements but this election is also about keeping evil out of the White House .
The catastrophe that comes if it is President Hillary Clinton (god forbid)
1. Political disagreements:
Hillary is for: no borders, no deportation of violent illegal felons, importing 65,000 Syrian refugees who are unvettable and will include isis, fighting isis with love and kindness, severe gun confiscation, destroying the coal industry, higher corporate taxes, Obama’s catastrophic iran deal, Obama’s worst ever anemic economy, appeasing Blacklivesmatter who endorse Islamic terror, riots, and police killing, record poverty under Obama, record low home ownership, record low labor participation rate, (
Obama doubled all our previous debt and she will increase that. Listen to this great trump speech on police, society, blacks etc. She endorses Obama’s catastrophic failing Obamacare so she can bring us VA type medicine for everyone. Supports world’s highest corporate tax rates and she wants to increase it, driving businesses away.
2. Hillary is a monster: she is EVIL:, pathological liar, completely corrupt, lifetime of scandal after scandal, took bribes while secretary of state from world’s worst actors and will be obligated to them when she is elected (all detailed in book Clinton Cash), FBI director says she was reckless with our nation’s top secrets she kept on unsecured server stored in her bathroom, Secret service book says she is insane, deleted 33,000 emails without showing anyone clearly an obstruction of justice, anti-semite, lifelong Israel hater, lifelong racist. Her top aids are anti Israel Huma and Sid Bluemthal and she takes 4th largest donor money and instructions from Nazi George Soros who is spending a fortune funding riots here, Isis refugees in Europe and policies to hurt Israel. STOLE hundreds millions Haitian relief funds for personal use. Her VP has extensive Islamic terrorism ties, they ALTER intelligence to minimize truth about Islamic terror,
3. Big LIE of left is Trump has no specifics. Crazy nonsense. We have seen how Obama/Hillary/democrats have weakened and devastated USA and world.
Trump great speeches . ANOTHER GREAT SPEECH by TRUMP in N. Carolina right now. Ripping Hillary and Obama a new one. Painting a great picture for what we can do.…/
Wisconsin speech on Law and order, blacks, society
National Security
Trump on Israel
Youngstown speech on Isis etc
A few more Plans:

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