Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dinner with Caroline Glick and Joe Walsh tonight in Chicago on Israel, Trump vs Hillary, f35s etc

Dinner with Caroline Glick and Joe Walsh tonight in Chicago through the Haym Salomon Center.. Glick: They will be together Thursday night in Wheeling.
1. "No administration has been as horrible to Israel as this one, bar none and Hillary brags in her memoir about bring his enforcer." "Hillary will be as bad as Obama. "
2. " Obama popularity in Israel is within margin of error of zero."
3. Asked about Trump vs Hillary, she said Bibi would never publicly say do, but completely prefers Trump. "Hillary supports Iran deal, architect of Libya collapse, sided with terrorists groups vs Israel, policy created Isis.
4. "Islamic terrorist group collaborate. Palestinian Fatah no different from Hamas, Isis, Alquida etc they all want to do the same thing to us. "
5. "Republican platform no longer supports Palestinian state." (2 state solution)
6. . Also she said F35 Is a disaster. $400 billion. Totally vulnerable to cyber attack. Obama gutted all other fighter programs. Disaster for Israel and 2x disaster for Israel. But since they have palnst in 45 states, very tough to fix politically.
7. Believes israel needs to take initiative in fighting Iran surrogates Hezbollah and Hamas hard, and soon. They have very formidable weapons, years of hardened fighting and training in Syria.
8. Islamic terrorists dangers proliferating exponentially here. Clear IRS, FBI, etc will do nothing. We must fight with every tool we have. Litigation, public pressure. Said illinois is jihad central.
9. My take? Any Jew who supports Hillary over Trump is a traitor to the Jewish people. Also she said
Hillary Life time of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic views http://strongandresolute.blogspot.com/2016/07/will-true-anti-semite-in-race-stand-up.html
More on why not Hillary:
Trump will be great president for these 30 reasons. http://jewsfortrump.blogspot.com/2016/05/trump-or-hillary-it-is-easy-choice.htm

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