Saturday, August 6, 2016

They are starving in socialist Venezuela, eating their pets. Trump says it is “Venezuela or me.”

They are starving in socialist Venezuela, eating their pets. Trump says it is “Venezuela or me.”
He’s right. 4 more years of Hillary running the economy will be ruinous. They caused the 2008 recession and blamed Bush and conned the USA into believing it. Then 8 disastrous Obama years. The dismal US economy under Obama/Hillary economic ideas: record poverty, middle class shrinking, record low labor rate participation, worst ever 8 year growth of economy below 3%, Obamacare health premiums skyrocketing each year, lowest home ownership in 60 years, massive regulations forcing more businesses to close than open, world’s highest corporate tax rate driving businesses out of USA. The worst president ever gave us doubling of the previous debt. Wall Street Journal "With chutzpah one has to admire, the party that in two terms weakened, if not wrecked, the economy, now presents itself as its savior.
WHY? Democrats: have no clue how to GROW economy. They do the OPPOSITE. They kill growth. The real reason for slower growth is the Obama agenda of high taxes, multiplying regulations across the economy, and government allocation of credit.
“Do not believe the Democrat line that slow growth is inevitable. Bad policies yield bad results. When government overspends, overtaxes and over-regulates, economic freedom is suppressed and economic growth vanishes. When growth fades, it takes the American dream with it. Give America back its economic system of freedom and opportunity, and the ensuing growth will bring back the American dream.”  That is exactly what Trump and Republicans will do.
China last year 7% growth. India 6.5 Israel 4. Last quarter annualized us? 1.2%
Besides Hillary being the worst Secretary of State EVER in the US (Hillary was most corrupt, incompetent, dangerous Secretary of State ever. How does she deserve a promotion? Endangered our nation. ) PLUS the most corrupt, psychotic, lying, anti-Semitic, pro jihadist, bribe taker candidate ever, she has no clue how to grow the economy.

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