Friday, August 12, 2016

Hillary far too dangerous and pro jihad to be President

Hillary far too dangerous and pro jihad to be President

1. Premature pullout from Iraq opens opportunity for Isis to be created. Trump 100% correct they created Isis through negligence.

2. Iran deal gives world’s worst sponsor terrorism $150 billion and secret side deals now exposed that they can build nuclear bombs to bombs us and Israel much faster

3. Intelligence forced to doctor reports to minimize Isis strength

4. FBI forced to scrub any reference to Islamic terrorism

5. 0 Islamic terror events during Bush on our soil, after 9-11, 43 so far under Obama

6. Hillary puts State Department for sale by taking hundreds of millions in bribes from world’s worst terrorist nations. What will she owe them once she’s president?

7. Hillary sold weapons to Isis.


8. To cover for Islamic terror growth for obama’s reelection, Hillary LIES about cause of Benghazi, blaming organized Alquida fight on video.

9. Hillary emails show vicious anti-Israel views among her top aids

10. Hillary wants to INCREASE Syrian refugees 550%, among whom Trojan horse Isis terrorists will come, as they have in Europe, while Muslim nations take 0.

11. Hillary says fight isis with empathy, love and kindness.

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