Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trump has so much low hanging fruit to pick off for fighting. Someone help Trump focus. Please. The nation is at stake.

Trump has so much low hanging fruit to pick off for fighting the most corrupt, lying, pro jihadist, insane, (read book by her Secret Service agent) radical, (please read Clinton Cash), reckless, incompetent candidate Dems ever nominated. She is at a 65% untrustworthy #. Obama says she will be his third term. 70% of the nation says we are headed in the WRONG direction. He gave us doubling of the previous debt, record poverty, worst ever economic growth over 8 years, historic low home ownership. Gutted military, police killings, rising murder rates and racial disharmony, (see Desouza's movie) allies alienated, illegal alien violence. Islamic terrorists surging and isis born on her watch. Endorses genocidal Iran deal. What she'll do to the Supreme Court. She wants to kill coal and gas and makes us more dependent on Muslim oil. Obama was the WORST President ever and She was worst ever Secr. of State. WSJournal yesterday said she substantially undermined national security. And what does Trump get bogged down on? Calling Judge Mexican, insulting gold star family even if father is pro shariah, etc. What a dumb campaign so far. Bill won on one lie he just kept repeating. "It's the economy, stupid". Someone help Trump focus.
Please. The nation is at stake. As Larry Kudow tweeted “
Last 4-5 days, w/ front page stories worst econ recovery since WWII, & Q2 RGDP perilously close to recession, Trump catfight w/ Muslim family.

     Is Bret Stephens of the WSJournal not very smart or just doesn't read? He wrote today "...but at least she's not a psychopath." Bret, based on what evidence? Guess you did not read the book by her closest Secret Service agent of 8 years saying she's INSANE. + Only a psychopath could lie like she lies, or be as corrupt. Guess you did not read Clinton Cash either or see Dsouza's movie. Guess the nervertrumpers really are dumb. Hillary: Corrupt, reckless and negligent with top secrets, took bribes from terrorists, mentally unbalanced, anti-Semitic and racist, most incompetent Secr. Of State. Very smart people, including Dennis Prager, Rush Limbaugh, Mike Gallagher, Sean Hannity all say every day that even if Trump was not your #1 choice, it is now a binary race and Trump must defeat Hillary.

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