Thursday, August 25, 2016

Not enough to shut Foundation down. It obviously renders her unfit for office. CON SCAM BRIBERY TREASON PHONY

Not enough to shut Foundation down. It obviously renders her unfit for office.
Hillary’s lying advocates claims on the pay-to-play scheme
1. The Clinton Foundation is a real charity. LIE.
The “Foundation” is not a charity. It is a money laundering scheme of pay-to-play which has parties who want favors from USA, even if they are enemies, to pay off Clintons thru the phony Foundation. Read Clinton Cash book, which details it. Wall Street Journal William McGurn
” Quid pro quo is notoriously hard to prove in such cases, and we will never know what (if anything) Mrs. Clinton or State delivered in return. We’re asked to believe that it was somehow an accident that so many of the millions former President Bill Clinton raked in from speaking fees would come from companies, countries or people who had business before a State Department run by his wife. The truth is, this was inevitable under the Clinton Foundation business model. And it beggars belief to think all these dollars were being given out without an expectation of something in return.”
Clintons obviously recognize there is a problem because no they say PART of the Foundation will stop accepting FOREIGN donations IF she wins. If it is not ok if she wins, WHY was it ok when she was highest ranking diplomat?
2. Clintons spend less than 10% on charity, the rest on themselves. Example the millions they stole intended for Haitain earthquake rescue.

3. Trump made his billions from business. Clintons made theirs stealing money meant for charity in pay-to-play scheme while being public service.…/hillary-clintons-extravag…/

1.    Hillary charges Trump with racism. Obviously it is to distract us from her corruption, lies, bribery, pay-for-play schemes.…/
2.  Democrats ALWAYS charge any Republican candidate with racism. Minorities usually buy the con and democrats can’t win on reality so they make stuff up.
3. It is ACTUALLY Democrats who have ALWAYS been racists.…/democratic-party-racist-his…
They were the slave owners. They were and are the KKK. They fought civil rights. They have decimated minorities with their policies. The Republican party was founded to stop slavery and always were the supporters of civil rights. Blacks have suffered miserably under Democrats for 60 years.

4. Trump has been in the public eye 30 years and NEVER been accused of racism. He has thousands of minority employees who adore him. Being opposed to ILLEGAL Immigration is not racist, it is upholding the law. Hillary being for ILLEGAL immigration is for lawlessness. Being opposed to allowing in unvettable syrian refugees is NOT RACIST. It is protecting us. Hillary wanting to let in 65000 of them is ENDANGERING US.
5. HILLARY is a LIFE-LONG RACIST. She is huge fan of Margret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, who founded it to MURDER Black babies. She adored former KKK Grand Wizard Sen. Robert Byrd.
Lifelong acquaintances accuse her of lifelong racism.…/06/09/hillary-clinton-racist-to…/
Racist slurs…/trump-racist-hillary-bill-used-slurs-…/

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