Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hillary’s CRUELTY:

Hillary’s CRUELTY:
a. tells Benghazi parents lies to their face and then calls them liars
b. laughs about getting child rapist off
c. leads campaign to abuse the women who Bill raped and abused
d. so foul mouthed and mean that secret service agent wrote book saying she is insane e. did not care if she sold out nation’s interest while at State as long as she could make money.
f. Wants to bring in unvettable Syrian refugees who will include isis mass murderers.
h. FBI Director told nation Hillary RECKLESS with our nations secrets, jeapordizing all of us.
Good people do not let friends, neighbors and family get DUPED by the HILLARY CON
Don’t fall for Hillary/Democratic/George Soros/Leftist Media CON
We know these 23 HORRIBLE things about REPUGNANT, corrupt, lying, incompetent, bribe taking, racist, pro Islamo jihad, radical leftist, abuser of the women her husband raped about HILLARY for sure. Obama: Disastrous, pathetic, anemic economic growth RECORD POVERTY, DOUBLED ALL PREVIOUS DEBT, Historic low labor participation and home ownership, race riots, cop killings Islamo terrorism spreading. They give sanctuary to the hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL felons who commit violent crimes.
The Hillary CON:

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