Friday, August 5, 2016

Hillary must lose for these 4 reasons.

Hillary must lose for these 4 reasons.

1.       Obamanomics have horribly weakened the ECONOMY. Democrats just have no clue how to grow it. Hillary will make it worse.
2.       EVERY decision she ever made on foreign affairs, and as ecretary of state has been incompetent and HURT the UA and the world.
3.       She is mentally unfit: corrupt, INSANE, psychotic, pathological liar.
4.       Trump will right the ship

1.       ECONOMY and domestic policy
a.     The dismal US economy under Obama: record poverty, middle class shrinking, record low labor rate participation, worst ever 8 year growth of economy below 3%, Obamacare health premiums skyrocketing each year, lowest home ownership in 60 years, massive regulations forcing more businesses to close than open, world’s highest corporate tax rate driving businesses out of USA. The worst president ever gave us doubling of the previous debt, record poverty, worst ever economic growth over 8 years, historic low home ownership. Gutted military, police killings, rising murder rates and racial disharmony on purpose (see Desouza's movie), did nothing to fix VA, our crumbling infrastructure, highest corporate tax in world driving businesses away, all our allies alienated, illegal alien commit  violence protected by illegal sanctuary cities, Islamic terrorists surging and Isis born on her watch. They create and endorse genocidal Iran deal. USED IRS to abuse opponents.  Gave guns to Mexican drug lords. Lost Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and almost Egypt to terrorists. Caroline Glick says WORST ever administration to Israel. What she'll do to the Supreme Court will wreck America. She wants to kill coal and gas and makes us more dependent on Muslim oil.  WSJournal yesterday said she substantially undermined national security. FBI Director told us she lies and lies and lies and liberal Washington Post gave her 4 Pinocchio’s for lying (their maximum). A person with a lifetime of scandal will never fix what ails us. She’ll just steal from us
  She is a jihadist appeaser. Dangers of Islamic terrorism. Makes excuses for it. Just remember this when thinking Hillary plans to import 1 million syrian unvettable rapefugees. and her bragging about supporting genocidal iran deal.  She says Muslims terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. 
2.       Foreign Affairs
a.     Hillary was most corrupt, incompetent, dangerous Secretary of State ever. How does she deserve a promotion? Endangered our nation. Clinton’s failures as Secretary of State helped bring war to Europe, an arms race to Asia, and inferno to the Middle-East.  The U.S. and its international standing are weaker for Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. Read more:
b.     Brags about developing and supporting catastrophic IRAN deal Obama/Hillary have secret deal with Iran easing up their nuclear weapons target.
More bad news about the Iran nuclear deal landed Monday — a dangerous secret that President Obama has been keeping from the American people. The Associated Press reports that the unpublished side deal is even more disastrous than the rest of the accord. It relaxes key restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program in just over a decade, rather than the 15 years Team Obama has been touting IRAN:
+ Newly revealed 'add-on accord' also permits large-scale testing in preparation for the nuclear deal's expiry
       Did nothing to slow N Korea. North Korea keeps firing more ballistic rockets
  China and Russia both aggressively expand under her watch
  Middle East in flames under her watch

3.    Hillary mentally unfit Hillary can never become president.: Mentally unfit, corrupt, inept, horrible polices

a.      You can NEVER BELIEVE anything she says. She is a pathological liar. Even after FBI director on national TV outlines all the LIES she said for years about her reckless emails, she is saying he she did not lie. Lied about that, about Benghazi, about her positions, about pretending to be under sniper fire. Liar liar pantsuits on fire. The Washington Post gave Hillary Clinton 4 Pinocchios for lying about how she was characterized by FBI Director Comley and for lying about her own character. I'm sure that if WaPo had more Pinocchios, it would have given it to her. 
LYING EMAILS: FBI Director laid out case of her pathological LYING about emails on an illegal personal server, where our nation’s top secrets were undoubtedly hacked by our adversaries. Why did he not want to prosecute? In short, Comey serves as the director of a massive bank that pours massive amounts of money into the Clinton Foundation.
Lied about Benghazi and her failure to stop Americans from being killed, to help Obama’s reelection by covering for advancing Islamic terrorism
b.     Hillary took hundreds millions bribes $$$ from world’s worst nations while Secr. Of state, all documented in book Clinton Cash.
c.      Hillary CANNOT win. Vicious anti-Semite, pro jihad. Liar, reckless, incompetent, corrupt.
d.     Wait until she controls the military drones. Why are so many former Clinton associates dead under mysterious circumstances?
e.      She led campaign to ABUSE the woman Bill raped and abused. You think any abused woman by Bill will complain when she controls the military drones
f.       INSANITY: Secret Service close aid wrote new book detailing her insanity and mental instability

4.    Trump will be great president for these 30 reasons

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