Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hillary supports this vicious anti Israel group blacklivesmatter

Blacklivesmatter, responsible for the surge in killing of cops and rising murder rates in our cities as cops pull back, has turned into another far left wing anti Semitic group, and Hillary supports and encourages them.
How Hillary policies HURT blacks: just part of Hjillary's deep seated anti-Semitism and Israel hatred.

Black Lives' Blood Libel

Jewish groups shocked after Black Lives Matter

releases manifesto accusing Israel of 'genocide'

10:10 AM on Sunday, August 7, 2016 - Av 3, 5776
Black Lives Matter, an American movement opposing what it calls rampant police brutality against African-Americans, has released a viciously antisemitic manifesto that includes the blood libel that Israel is committing “genocide” against the Palestinians.
Israel is the only foreign country mentioned in the manifesto, which is otherwise a grab-bag of far-Left demands for the overthrow of America’s current political/economic system. The manifesto accuses the Jewish state of all manner of crimes, including the standard “apartheid” canard, and goes on to accuse Israel of committing genocide, a claim that is wholly untrue and constitutes a modern blood libel.
Jewish groups in America, many of which support African-Americans’ struggle for civil rights, were apparently shocked by the manifesto.
According to the Jerusalem Post, the American Jewish Committee “strongly condemned” the racist libel, saying that it “confuses a civil rights cause with the struggle between two peoples with national aspirations, a conflict that can only be resolved by negotiation and mutual recognition between the parties.”
BLM, the AJC continued, is being “undermined by those activists seeking to hijack the movement and advocate for a platform that evinces contempt and bigotry toward Jews.”
Even far-Left Jewish groups have criticized the manifesto, with T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights “extremely dismayed at the decision to refer to the Israeli occupation as genocide.”

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