Tuesday, August 30, 2016

You have reached the Democratic Committee complaint department.

You called 1-800-CORRUPT
You have reached the Democratic Committee complaint department.
For your response to your complaint that Hillary lies, is corrupt, murders people, is a racist, abused the women her husband raped, used State Dept as money laundering pay to play, wants to let in unvettable Syrians, did not want to deport violent illegals, supports Iran deal, Benghazi, her economy destroying plans of higher taxes and more regulations, her top aid is Muslim brotherhood terrorist, record poverty now, rising racial tension, rising murder rate, rising killing of cops
Dial the # to hear your response #1. You are a racist 2. Sexist 3. Old news 4. GOP did it too 5. Just a right wing conspiracy story 6. Trump is bad too. 7. Lots of smoke, no fire. Don't worry, smoke can't hurt you. 8. Learn how we control the mainstream media.9. Our funders include KKK, foreign agents from jihadoist nmations, and #3 top donor Gorge Soros
After you have dialed the extension and heard our answer, hang up and despair,
or for the truth, call the Republican National Committee. There dial 1 to hear list of Clinton acquaintances found dead. 2 to hear abysmal Obama economic figures 3. How world fell apart on Hillary's watch, how all our enemies and adversaries advanced and allies became alienated. 4. History of Democratic party racism. 5. Summary of book by Secret Service agent detailing Hillary's insanity. 6. Details of Hillary's lifetime of Israel hatred and anti Semitic comments 7. To hear the evidence of these 23 reasons Hillary must never be president. http://strongandresolute.blogspot.com/2016/08/20-things-what-we-know-for-sure-about.html 8. To hear the 20 ways Trump and a Republican congress can reverse the Obama/Hillary disaster and make America great again.

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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