Thursday, August 13, 2015

America reelected Obama based on this lie. 2012 debate "Iran must END THEIR NUCLEAR PROGRAM "

America reelected Obama based on this lie. The lying jihadist Obama said in the Oct. 2012 debate with Romney “Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. And for them to be able to provide nuclear technology to non-state actors, that's unacceptable. And they have said that they want to see Israel wiped off the map. So the work that we've done with respect to sanctions now offers Iran a choice. They can take the diplomatic route and END THEIR NUCLEAR PROGRAM or they will have to face a united world and a United States president, me, who said we're not going to take any options off the table." EVEN THOUGH in 2011 he sent letter to mullahs promising them enriched URANIUM! (1d) As we shudder at the blatant, raw anti-Semitism emanating from Obama, Kerry and the left on the Iran deal, who is really surprised Obama is using obvious anti-Semitic language to fight this catastrophic Iran deal?

Iran deal and Obama’s many  lies
1. We got fleeced on every issue. See full list of our defeat in every category: (1a) Iran is laughing at us. Many many much better plans have been offered. French say we could have had a much better deal. here are some elements (1b)   A Kindergartener could have negotiated better. This can only be purposeful sabatoge by Obama.
2. Obama’s anti Semitsm and hatred of Israel is partly behind it. Timeline of Obama’s hatred of Israel. (2a) Simon Wiesenthal Center accuses White House of legitimizing hate and antisemitism (2b)
3. Israel is not alone opposed: majority of congress, ¾ USA population, Gulf states, Privately all EU Foreign ministers, most of our brass “SAUDIS: Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan charges that Obama knowingly made a bad deal with Iran, which is now threatening the region and, possibly, global stability. “If this deal is good, ask yourself why have DEM. Senators Menendez, Schumer and Congr. Engel plus several other Dem. Congr., and DEM. Prez candidate Jim Webb, all DEMS, taking great courage to go against their Party’s President, to defeat this genocidal deal and EVERY announced Republican in Congress so far as well opposing it. Many of Obama’s iran “supporters’ Have Iranian ties. (3)
4. We can reimpose sanctions if Iran cheats: a joke. Iran gets $150 billion in cash from us and $300 in additional business to finance world’s worst terrorist nation
5. Deal does not threaten USA. (5)  ICBMS nuclear tipped, submarines, 40,000 Iranians in latin America poised to strike us. Hundreds of dirty bombs Obama promised them secretly in 2011 they could have enriched uranium.
6. They don’t mean “death to Israel, death to America”. Oh yes they do. (6a) Iranian Commander saying erasing Israel non-negotiable and Obama pledges to defend Iran (6b)
7. Obama REFUSES to release hidden and side agreements even his negotiators haven’t seen. We can verify? You can’t even find IRS emails, how can you verify. Iran has been cheating right along. Deal lets them deny access for up to 3 months. They already say no access to military sites.  Before the ink is dry, Iran is cheating, buying huge weapons, building new nuk sites, publishing books and attacking Israel and USA, sending terrorist leaders to Moscow, telling us no admission to inspecting military facilities. Iran has always cheated before.
8. Obama claims it BLOCKS their path to the bomb. Opposite is true. IT GUARANTTES them the bomb
This is a genocidal, catastrophic deal. Degeat it LOBBY got an hour to fight Iran deal? Instructions to easily CALL< WRITE< EMAIL< TWITTER<  VISIT   easy help


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