Friday, August 21, 2015

Are there any Democrats left with a conscience that are brave enough to defy the president?

Are there any Democrats left with a conscience that are brave enough to defy the president?
1.      All of Iran’s neighbors OPPOSE this deal. They know Iran.
2.      Iran WILL USE NUKS even if it means their demise
At this site, explain dozens of fatal flaws in this deal but this is the key: Iran will use nuclear weapons even if it means their demise + this Obama deals gives them the money, means and opportunity to do acquire those bombs and use them.
The world’s greatest authority on Islam, Bernard Lewis “How can the idea of Mutual Assured Destruction that prevented a superpower clash apply to people who believe the end of the world will lead to “eternal life and martyrdom? "

a.       They have 40,000 agents in Latin America waiting to strike us
c.       How many dirty bombs can they smuggle in and blow up in USA cities? How many ICBMs reaching us will they launch?  “some senior Israeli defense officials have asserted that the gravest threat from Iran could come in the form of a dirty bomb delivered by a cargo ship. why not here?
d.      While Iranian submarines cannot CURRENTLY fire cruise or ballistic missiles, U.S. intelligence agencies believe North Korea is building a submarine capable of launching ballistic missiles, potentially increasing the threat posed by the nuclear-armed rogue state. How many can Iran buy with the $150 billion Obama is giving them and the hundreds of billions new money relaxed sanctions give them?

4.This deal is a sick, horrendous, traitorous joke. The Basis of this Obama deal? Trust and Iran will verify!  The secret side deal has been exposed: IRAN CAN INSPECT its OWN NUCLEAR WEAPONS SUSPECTED SITE! COME ON! This Obama deal is a horrible JOKE. See here detail s contains
1. 12 Fatal flaws of deal/Obama’s 
2. 16 lies Obama says to sell deal
3. Obama’s timeline of deception about empowering Iran’s nuclear ambition 

How can any member of Congress who is serious about stopping Iran from getting a bomb accept a nuclear agreement under these circumstances?
Commentary blog today 

It was already abundantly clear that the administration had utterly failed to achieve the objectives that it had set for itself when it entered the negotiations. The deal does not prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. …But this shocking news about Iran being able to conduct its own inspections gives the lie to every assurance that the administration has made about verification. It is now clear that the entire process is a sham and that negotiators were instructed to accept any conditions, no matter how ludicrous in order to give the president the deal wanted at any price… for any senators or representatives — including those who have already said they would vote the deal — this is a moment when all deceptions are stripped away. A vote for the agreement can no longer be defended on the grounds that the verification procedures will allow the administration to know when Iran is cheating. A vote for it now is a vote for a future with an Iranian bomb and all the dangers and possible horrors that phrase entails. Are there any Democrats left with a conscience that are brave enough to defy the president? We’re about to find out.”

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