Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stupidity and poor judgement in the anti-iran deal fight

Stupidity and poor judgement in the anti-iran deal fight
Aipac has a fly in Sept 7-8 to lobby Congress on the Iran deal. 3 organizations have announced a rally on Sept 9 in DC to fight the deal. Ted Cruz is the keynoter. He invited Trump to speak too. I saw an email from a  professional head of a major pro Israel/anti Iran deal group who had planned to attend the rally and was bringing others, now is BOYCOTTING the rally because they this person does not like Cruz or Trump. That is the dumbest thing I have seen in a long time. We will lose this battle on the iran deal because of lack of democratic support, but hopefully trump or Cruz will be in the White House in Jan 2016 to limit the damage. (there are other republican candidates who would also be great on thuis)
I could give dozens of examples out of history but 2 will suffice.
1.      In 70 Titus destroyed the temple.  Josephus, that there were as many as 1,100,000 slain in the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, along with 97,000 who were sold as slaves. Read and weep how the Jews killed each other over who was most “kosher” in the fight vs Rome. The rabbis declared Jerusalem fell because of the Jewish civil war and causeless hatred.
2.     As the Beilski broithers fought to save 1000 Jews in the forests of Belarus during the Holocaust, the Bielskis found themselves fighting on four fronts and they were never safe: Germans and the local police, local peasants, many of them collaborators, the Russian partisans, most of all, they had to guard against internal dissension.”
Boycotting the anti-iran rally because you don’t like Trump or Cruz is beyond stupid for these reasons
1.      We need all the friends we can get in this fight
2.      Israel has no better friends at the moment in US politics than Trump and Cruz
3.      Like them or not, they bring millions and millions of people’s energy and attention to the battle, including large swaths of America that otherwise might be unengaged. Quinnipiac has them together at 35% of Republican electorate now and last poll had Trump down only 6% to Hillary. No one brings attention to an issue now like Trump and he mentions this nearly every day.

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