Thursday, August 27, 2015

Support this deal? CRAZY, a JIHADIST or so enslaved to Obamaism they can’t think straight.

Iran deal is OPPOSED by 1. 200 retired generals and admirals 2. All Gulf states+Egypt 3. Big majority of Congress 4. USA 2-1 5. Israel 7-1 6. Many national security experts

This deal permits 1. Iran to inspect its own parchin site where it tests weaponization in secret side deal Obama would not tell Congress and very poor verification 2. Legitimization of unlimited centrifuges (0 needed or peaceful nuclear energy) 3. Deal with worst state sponsor terrorism on earth 4. Who daily chants death to USA, death to Israel and have already killed many US marines and Jews around the world 5. Whose leaders have openly said willing to lose their country for glory of destroying Israel 6. Threatens USA 5 ways: a. ICBMS, b.40,000 agents in S America and Canada who can us dirty bombs, c. buy N. Korean nuclear useful submarines 7. Pushed by US President determined to make Iran nuclear power and who advocates for Islamic jihad 8. Iran paying off some Democrats in Congress 9. 3 separate paths to nuclear bomb, a. cheat and make them now with such poor verification b. wait out deal and make them within 2 days then 3. Buy them from N Korea now 10. Gives them %150 billion cash plus hundreds billions $ in new business  and Obama claims there is no better deal. A third grader could have done better. We must do better. Much better alternatives have ben advanced. Anyone who votes for this Obama Iran deal  is either CRAZY, a JIHADIST or so enslaved to Obamaism they can’t think straight.

Obama says opponents are crazies. Obama not crazy. Just a radical Islamic jihadist. That is what is motivating this Iran deal.

 Obama has twin “radical transformation goals”: weaken America and empower Islamaic jihadism

Pro Iranian Congresspeople who took bribes from Iran
Iran deal has secret side agreement where Iran can inspect themselves
200 retired generals OPPOSE the deal
+ ALL majority of USA, majority of Congress, US Jews 2-1, only 6% Rabbis signed letter for deal, 7-1 Israelis, + foreign policy experts, all Gulf states,  oppose deal
Obama hates Israel and is an anti-Semite
Every argument Obama says for the deal is a lie
2 reasons why Iran will use nuclear weapons

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