Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fatal flaws of deal/Obama’s 16 lies about deal/Obama’s timeline of deception about deal

Obama secret side deal: IRAN CAN INSPECT its OWN NUCLEAR WEAPONS SUSPECTED SITE! COME ON! Fatal flaws of deal/Obama’s 16 lies about deal/Obama’s timeline of deception about deal
Any one of these objections should cause any reasonable member of Congress to vote against this deal. If they vote FOR this deal, it is because they are AFRAID of Obama. Congressional Dems: DO NOT SIGN THIS IRAN DEAL! Will you be remembered by history as cowardly and dishonorable? Follow the lead of Dem Senators Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez ““I have looked into my own soul and my devotion to principle may once again lead me to an unpopular course, but if Iran is to acquire a nuclear bomb, it will not have my name on it,” Will you really want YOUR NAME on this odious, genocidal Iran deal?
1. We got fleeced on every issue by Iran.
2. Gives hundreds of billions to worst nation on earth to strengthen their terrorism.
3. Gives them 3 paths to nuclear bombs. Liberal democrat Prof Alan Dershowitz says in this deal, Obama gave Iran GREEN LIGHT to build nuks
4. Verification is a joke. They are cheating already. They are threatening IAEA inspectors. They are allowed to inspect themselves and say they will deny access. Under the "side agreement" officially agreed to by Iran and the IAEA, Iran will be allowed to self-investigate. Under the terms of the deal, Iran alone will send equipment and experts to Parchin to investigate and determine whether or not it was, or is, attempting to develop nuclear weapons.
5. They WILL use nuclear weapons on USA and Israel to reestablish Persian dynasty and for theological reasons of hidden 12th imam. They shout “ Death to Israel, death to America” It is not rhetoric. They have 40,000 agents in Latin America and a new front in Canada to strike us.
6. There are side SECRET deals Obama made that he won’t even share with Congress!
7. Overwhelming opposition to it exists in USA and world.
8. Obama did nothing to weaken ISIS after one year so how can we imagine he’d discipline Iran?
9. Much better plans have been advanced
10. section 10 under nuclear security (about pg 142 or so) obligates USA to train and protect Iran against external threats including cyber threats to nuclear facilities.
11. See all the evidence links here…/the-essential-fatal…
12. Obama uses raw anti-Semitism to defend deal. How can you condone that?
13. Here are the main 16 lies Obama tells about the Iran deal
1. LIE Iran has fatwa vs Nuclear weapons. TRUTH: No such fatwa exists
2. LIE Iran will not use nuclear bombs vs Israel or USA TRUTH: For sure they will
3. LIE American Jews support the deal
TRUTH: They do not and the leftist polls that say otherwise are lies
Jews who support deal are suicidal, genocidal, fratricidal and ignorant
4. LIE The deal blocks Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and does not aid their terrorism. Truth: It guarantees them, even if they don’t cheat, which they will. The Obama deal gives $150 BILLION to the world's worst terrorist regime to buy any arms
5. LIE Obama will protect Israel. TRUTH: he deal calls for USA to defend IRAN vs Israel! Truth Obama always has hated Israel and wants them destroyed. He can’t do it directly for political reasons.
6. LIE Obama is trying to protect the West. TRUTH: Obama is a supporter of radicalized Islamic jihad. Obama is gutting US military
7. LIE Verification is possible. Truth. Iran has aways cheated. Will cheat. Deal lets them have 3 months notice and to turn in their OWN samples. And they will not allow military site inspections.
8. Obama’s aids deep ties to Iran. Valarie Jarett born there and speaks Farsi, Kerry’s son-in-law is Iranian. Iranian terrorists attended the wedding, Susan Rice huge investments.
9. The deal IGNORES Iran’s continuous demonization of Israel and USA, fostering terrorism on 5 continents, their pledge to buy ICBMs with the hundreds of billions they now get etc
10. Lie There exists no good alternative to this deal. TRUTH Many much better options exist. A third grader could have done better
11. LIE US Military approved the deal Truth: the have strong reservations
12. LIE Deal Binds Iran to obligations. TRUTH> Their “obligations” are voluntary
13. LIE Everything agreed to has been revealed. Truth: They admit to hiding much
14. LIE 99% world agrees with Obama. Truth…/iran-deal-worries-mideast-neighbors-14… the neighbors are very worried and want their own nuks
15. Kerry and obama makes anti-Semitic threat of consequences if deal loses
16. Iran admits much of what Obama says about the deal is a lie…/iran-accuses-obama-admin-of-lyin…/
See sources for these lies here…/refuting-top-15-lie…
1. In 2008, BEFORE assuming presidency, Obama sent secret envoy to Iran promising they’d like his presidency
2. 2009 Dissidents take to streets to overthrow brutal Iranian regime. Obama does nothing but helps Muslim brotherhood terrorist takeover in Egypt, as well as supported the "Arab Spring" in, Libya and elsewhere more recently. In 2009, demonstrators filled the streets of Iran, denouncing the regime and crying out for freedom. It was a glorious opportunity for the leader of the free world to demonstrate his support for free people everywhere and strike a decisive blow against the bloody regime that had considered itself at war with the United States for three decades.
But Barack Obama didn't help them. Quite the contrary. The leader of the free world was too busy extending his hand to those same mullahs. 1b.
3. In 2011 sent secret letter to Mullahs promising nuclear enriched uranium (2)
4. In 2012 debate with Romney, in retrospect obviously LIED, promised he’d force Iran to shut down nuclear program (3)
5. 2013/2014 Constantly fought tough Congressional sanctions while pretending to support them (3a)
6. 2014 Obama openly states he wants this world's worst nation to be the ":successful regional power" (5)
7. In 2015 makes deal guaranteeing Iran nuclear bombs, with virtually no verification, giving them everything they want, getting fleeced on every issue. But it was on purpose. To help them! (6) Otherwise it makes no sense. (7) Obama and left uses strong anti-semitic language to fight opposition to plan.
8. Timeline of Obama's hatred of Israel (8)
See souces for TIMELINE here…/obamas-diabolical-d…
LOBBY got an hour to fight Iran deal? Instructions to easily CALL< WRITE< EMAIL< TWITTER< VISIT easy help…/got-hour-to-fight-i…

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