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Lying jihadist Obama said Israel is all ALONE opposing deal. Obama, EVERYONE is opposed. You and iran alone want it.

Lying jihadist Obama said Israel is all ALONE opposing deal
Reagan said. “Trust and verify” Obama’s version; trust our mortal enemies and vilify all who disagree with you. Obama, it is you who alone wants this deal. Everyone else is OPPOSED>
1.Overwhelming majority of USA opposes dealQuinnipiac University Poll released Monday morning shows that American voters oppose the Iran deal by a  two to one. 57 - 28% margin.  Republicans oppose the deal by a huge 86-3% margin. Independents also oppose the deal by a strong 36%,  55-29% margin with Democrats supporting the deal by a strong 52-32% which may be an indication that the Democratic support for the deal has more to do with the president is from their party than a belief the agreement is good for the country 2. All Republican Congress and Senate, the majority of elected officials, unanimously oppose the deal. 3. Future Democrat senate leader Chuck Schumer and House Intelligence minority leader Democrat Engel, and other key Democrats oppose the deal. 4. All Arab Gulf nations oppose the deal. 5. Our military brass oppose the deal.
6. Our security experts oppose the deal. 7. Europe opposes the deal. Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations told the Israel Diplomatic Correspondents Association on Thursday that he knows first-hand that Israel and the Gulf states are not alone in their apprehension over the Iran deal. European prime ministers and foreign ministers - including from countries that negotiated the accord - are "very uncomfortable with this deal," he said. French admit we can have a much better deal. .…/top-french-official…8. Obama spent millions to defeat Bibi to get Herzog elected. Herzog and the entire Israel Jewish Knesset members oppose the deal 9. Even LIBERAL NYT columnist .David Brooks’s column today in the NY Times today is brutal on the Iran deal. He says it is a loss on par with the Vietnam War:
Wars, military or economic, are measured by whether you achieved your stated objectives. By this standard the U.S. and its allies lost the war against Iran, but we were able to negotiate terms that gave only our partial surrender, which forces Iran to at least delay its victory. There have now been three big U.S. strategic defeats over the past several decades: Vietnam, Iraq and now Iran.
The big question is, Why did we lose? Why did the combined powers of the Western world lose to a ragtag regime with a crippled economy and without much popular support?
The first big answer is that the Iranians just wanted victory more than we did. They were willing to withstand the kind of punishment we were prepared to mete out.
Further, the Iranians were confident in their power, while the Obama administration emphasized the limits of America’s ability to influence other nations. It’s striking how little President Obama thought of the tools at his disposal. He effectively took the military option off the table. He didn’t believe much in economic sanctions. . .
Many members of Congress will be tempted to accept the terms of our partial surrender as the least bad option in the wake of our defeat. I get that. But in voting for this deal they may be affixing their names to an arrangement that will increase the chance of more comprehensive war further down the road.
Iran is a fanatical, hegemonic, hate-filled regime. If you think its radicalism is going to be softened by a few global trade opportunities, you really haven’t been paying attention to the Middle East over the past four decades."

Why is the Iran deal so horrible and ways to lobby.
Iran is a monstrous regime, as bad as any that ever existed, spreading terror on 5 continents. They've toppled four Arab governments. They've provided lethal IEDs in Iraq, killing hundreds of Americans. They plotted to kill the Saudi ambassador in the United States. bought 50 refueling planes and 50 new fighters and started plans on 2 new nuclear reactors with Obama $ this week.
What about “Death to American, Death to Israel" is not comprehensible? Iran is laughing at us. Proclaiming USA surrendered. All true. This deal GUARANTEES Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, makes war much more likely and massive deaths. We are facing another Holocaust, PLUS hundreds of suitcase sized dirty bombs blowing up American cities by Iranian proxies and ICBMs Obama’s $150 billion will buy them to shoot at us. The GOAL of the International Community must be to forever PREVENT Iran from ever obtaining weapons and curbing their terrorism. But this deal significantly enhances both. Iran is the only country in the world that openly states it wants death to other countries and now this deal guarantees them the ability to inflict millions of deaths on those countries, USA and Israel. They WILL use them to reestablish the Persian Empire and for religious reasons, to have the necessary catastrophe to have the hidden 12th Imam emerge. They have said regularly they are willing to suffer catastrophic losses for these “honors”
Ask yourself why the POTUS is so desperate to make Iran the main regional power and make this deal. THIS DEAL:
a joke of verification, and Iran has always cheated in the past. So Obama, who can’t monitor our borders, the IRS, VA, capable of monitoring Iran’s secret nuclear sites? 24 days notice before inspections allowed and they can supply their own samples.…/obama-will-allow-ir…
b. $150 billion straight out to finance terror, and hundreds billions more in new business. With the release of $150 billion of frozen funds, Iranian troops and proxies "will have an ability to be everywhere simultaneously."
c. leaves intact most of their nuclear weapons program. This desl offers 2 oaths to the bomb. They will use them.…/iran-willing-to-use…
d. Obama FOUGHT Congress on tough sanctions constantly and now eliminates them, and will never reimpose them (no snapback) no matter what…/…/2569201
e. much details Obama refuses to share plus hidden side agreements,…/report-unclassified-iran-docume…
f. Iran says Obama is lying about what the plan demands to appease us. Here are 15 Obama lies about deal refuted:…/refuting-many-lies-… We got fleeced. Iranians are laughing at us. See full list of our defeat in every category:…/i…/Iran/irandealmf.pdf
g. Ink not even dry and iran is flaunting violations in our face. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK 
Iran's terrorist Commander who killed over 500 U.S. military soldiers travel ban was lifted due to sanction relief ! Already working on weapons trade in a recent visit to Russia. John Kerry promised under debriefing congress he will never be allowed to leave Iran.
Why Is Obama pushing this deal? In my opinion. Only one plausible reason.
1.Obama always has hated Israel…/obama-has-always-an…
2. Obama promotes radical Islamic jihad and empower Iran…/onlymuslimlivesmatt……/obama-wants-to-make-iran-region…/

Editorial Cartoon on Iran

99 Problems With Obama's Iran Math

Obama says almost the entire world supports the nuclear accord; don't believe it.

Editorial Cartoon on Iran
By + More
President Barack Obama says that 99 percent of the world supports his proposed nuclear deal with Iran. He had better check his math.
The most obvious problem with Obama's 99 percent figure is the strong American majority opposition to the proposed deal. A Quinnipiac poll released Monday showed that American voters oppose the plan by an almost 30 point margin, 57 percent to 28 percent. Almost identical numbers say that the plan will make the world less safe, not more. And a Pew poll in July showed little public confidence that Iran would live up to its side of the deal, or that international inspectors could enforce it.
The latest Quinnipiac poll also continues a downward slide in American approval of the president's handling of relations with Iran. In October 2013, the public approved of his policies by eight points, 48 percent to 40 percent. Now he is 21 points under water. Significantly, Obama has less support for his proposed Iran deal than President Jimmy Carter had for the ill-starred SALT II arms control agreement in the fall of 1979, a few months before he withdrew it from consideration by the Senate.
The proposed deal likewise has unified Israel's normally fractious polity in opposition. A July poll in the Jerusalem Post showed 69 percent opposition to only 10 percent support, and 74 percent believed the agreement would not prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Of course, the White House would say this is to be expected. No doubt in Obama's mind Israelis are included in the supposed 1 percent who oppose the deal, along with, as he said, "well financed lobbyists," those "responsible for us getting into the Iraq war," and other thinly veiled references to the "Israel lobby."
However, Israel is not the only regional power opposing the deal. Egypt, whose relations with Washington are at low ebb, has not come out in favor of the deal and recently denounced Iran's growing influence in the region. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia's former Ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, wrote a damning column in July comparing the proposed agreement to the failed "Agreed Framework" deal under which North Korea stealthily developed a nuclear weapon. "Mr. Obama made his decision on the Iran nuclear deal aware that the strategic foreign policy analysis, the national intelligence information and intelligence from U.S. allies in the region predict a worse outcome than in North Korea," he wrote, "and Iran will have access to billions of dollars" from the so-called $150 billion in expected sanctions relief soon to be released to the Islamic Republic. He concludes that "this deal will wreak havoc in the Middle East," and says that it affirms the wisdom of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who said, "America's enemies should fear America, but America's friends should fear America more."
Some countries strongly support the deal, certainly, but do so for the wrong reasons. Russia wants to help Iran build its nuclear capacity and enhance its influence in the Gulf region. China wants access to more crude oil and better relations with Tehran. Both countries see Iran as a ready market for conventional weapons and missile technology.

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