Friday, August 14, 2015

The catastrophic Iran deal concisely and why it must be defeated

The catastrophic Iran deal in summation and why it must be defeated
1.     Obama wants to give legitimization, and money to the most evil nation on earth to develop nuclear weapons, after promising America in the 2012 debates he would make Iran shut down their nuclear program.  (1a) BUT, he had already sent them a letter 2011 PROMISING them nuclear enriched uranium, (1b) This deal does not BLOCK Iran’s path to the bomb. It legitimizes and guarantees it
2.     There is no legitimate verification. It is a sham. Obviously sanctions are gone forever with this deal. We got fleeced on every issue. (2) Iran already cheating. (2a)

3.     Iran, already world’s greatest sponsor of terror with annual GNP $400 billion, gets $400 billion MORE from us and new business to finance more terror.  (3)
4.     Iran’s “death to America, death to Israel” is real, not rhetoric. They intend to try, and we give them the ability to succeed. (4)
5.     ¾ of USA by poll and great majority of US Congress, ¾ of Israel. All the Israeli cabinet, every EU foreign minister privately, Gulf States+ Egypt+Turkey, all OPPOSE DEAL.
6.     Obama cannot be believed that he has Israel’s back. Deal says USA will DEFEND IRAN, long anti-Israel history, spewing anti-Semitism .(6)
7.     Only conclusion possible:
      A. The LEFT is morally despicable and philosophically reprehensible. Iran is evil but they don’t recognize evil and they assist help it (7a)
B.The Iran deal must be blocked and replaced with the international community forever forbidding Iran to have nuclear weapons and finance terror (6b) Much better plans exist.
This is a genocidal, catastrophic deal. Defeat it LOBBY got an hour to fight Iran deal? Instructions to easily CALL< WRITE< EMAIL< TWITTER<  VISIT   easy help
Obama REFUSES to release hidden and side agreements even his negotiators haven’t seen. We can verify? You can’t even find IRS emails, how can you verify. Iran has been cheating right along. Deal lets them deny access for up to 3 months. They already say no access to military sites.  Before the ink is dry, Iran is cheating, buying huge weapons, building new nuk sites, publishing books and attacking Israel and USA, sending terrorist leaders to Moscow, telling us no admission to inspecting military facilities. Iran has always cheated before.
  ICBMS nuclear tipped, submarines, 40,000 Iranians in Llatin America poised to strike us. Hundreds of dirty bombs Obama promised them secretly in 2011 they could have enriched uranium. DEAL WILL COST MILLIONS OF USA LIVES
5. “If this deal is good, ask yourself why have DEM. Senators Menendez, Schumer and Congr. Engel plus several other Dem. Congr., and DEM. Prez candidate Jim Webb, all DEMS, taking great courage to go against their Party’s President, to defeat this genocidal deal and EVERY announced Republican in Congress so far as well opposing it.

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