Monday, August 31, 2015

You can be a good Jew and good American, or a Democrat, but not both..

Stunning betrayal for evil by most Congressional Democrats to support this evil Obama and Iran deal
Who is against the Iran deal? 36 retired general FOR the deal, 214 retired US generals and admirals OPPOSED , (…/generals-admirals-warn-iran-dea…/) Every Republican in Congress, Every Republican running for President, more than a dozen Dems have brave Obama's wrath to sign opposed (…/now-more-than-a-do…/2015/08/27/,)
US citizens 60% opposed, Israel 7-1 opposed, 1000 rabbis USA opposed so far, Jews in USA 2-1, all Gulf states + Egypt, many national security professionals, all EU Foreign Ministers privately (per Malcolm Hoenline exec Dir National Conference of presidents of major Jewish organizations.) Obama calls all these people "crazies"
Who is for this catastrophic deal? Obama, Kerry, Hillary, most Dems in Congress afraid of Obama (some who took Bribes from iran, as did Obama, Kerry, Biden and Hillary.…/congressman-who-too…), anti Israel zealot Samantha Powers etc
Why are so many opposed? Because this is by far the worst policy ever advocated by the United States.…/10-new-reasons-to-w…
What do we do? Rubio, who has best favorable/unfavorable rate of any candidate, says day 1 of his presidency, invoke national security clause of deal to reimpose all tough sanctions as long as they spin, lifts ban on exporting our oil to hurt them, and makes it clear that if they start to weaponized, we destroy their program.
Iran has already stepped up its war vs israel Thanks to Obama…/iran-is-already-waging-war-agai…
What is really behind the deal? Obama’s commitment to further radical Islamic jihad…/obama-told-us-he-wa…
Here is what World Jewish Digest lead story said about it: "When the partisans of the Democratic party disapproved by voice vote a measure of support for Israel at their last party convention, it was clear the tide was changing.
Democrats are now close to giving President Barack Obama the votes necessary to approving a historic capitulation.
Reuters reports that 31 Democratic Senators now back Obama's Iran deal, an agreement that lets Iran build nuclear weapons after 15 years and is based on the insane notion that Iran -- and its theocratic leaders -- are interested in "change."
The Iranians have been quite clear that they are not, announcing regularly even after the deal was signed that they still want to destroy Israel and the United States. But not to worry, argue the Democrats, this lay-away plan for Iranian nukes is the best deal we can muster.
Aipac supporters worry that bipartisan support for Israel will suffer over opposition to the Iran deal. What they don't realize is that the Democratic party has already made its choice, and it's not in Israel's interests."
You can be a good Jew and good American, or a Democrat, but not both.

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