Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How Obama weakens America domestic and foreign

Obama worst president ever. Catastrophic Administration. Hillary will be as bad.
This is what we have after 6 1/2 years of Obamanomics
A.    Domestic Nightmare
2. More businesses going out of business than being created
3. Middle class lost average $5000 wealth
4. Record poor “recovery from recession” US economy sees the slowest wage growth ever recorded.
6. Obamacare cost 3x promise. Over 2.7 trillion
8. Record low participation in labor 
9. Stock market artificially boosted by massive printing of money
11.Obama DOUBLED ALL previous US debt by 43 presidents
12. Demagogues to scare away any changes which are needed to save Social Security and Medicare for our children
13. Massive illegal immigration and no security on our borders and unwilling to stop violent crimes by illegals
14. Over 50% recent college grads no full time jobs
15. Chief Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber admitted it was sold to us packed with lies they knew about but hid from us.
16. Murder rates skyrocketing in major cities as Obama fuels racial tension and anti police atmosphere
17. Record food stamp use
18. Obama plan to radicalize America with jihadists
b. but REFUSES to allow in Christians fleeing for their lives
d. Massive Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of government at obama's directives
e. weaken local police through racial tension and gutting our military leaving us unprepared

19. Democratic real war on women: record low women in labor force under Obamanomics,
20. Massive Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of government at obama's directives
22. Obama makes FCC changes to take control of internet and stifle freedom
Imagine if Steve Jobs, Larry page or Mark Zuckerberg had been obliged to ask bureaucrats in Washington for permission to launch...
23. Obama tries to destroy coal industry even thoiugh China burns 10X our coal

Obama's ruining the world, not just USA

a.     85 examples of Obama support for radical Islamic jihad
Iran deal worst catastrophic, genocidal deal by USA ever. Strengthens worst nation on earth.  + Obama flooding nation with Muslim terrorists but REFUSES to allow in Christians fleeing for their lives

b.     Timeline of Obama’s clear anti-Israel policies
c.     Obama PRETENDS to fight ISIS. Do you notice how no more Jordanian pilots have bee burnt alive by isis  since the King resonded so strongly. That is how we SHOULD be fighting. Israel cold finish them off in a couple of weeks. Obama? Just pretending. OBAMA CREATED ISIS
d.       Obama says Islamic terror has nothing to do with islam. Nothing ever more ludicrous has been uttered. Obama/the left’s BIGGEST/MOST DANGEROUS LIE? Islam is a peaceful religion. Next time someone idiot tells you that you are Islamiphobic or that Islam is peaceful, ask them what percent of Muslims support ISIS. Answer 81% by Arab poll. phobia, by definition, must be irrational. Fearing Islam is very rational.

e.     Obama gutting US military, leaving us unprepared

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