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Islam: Cannibalism, pedophilia, bestiality, slavery, rape, violent jihadism, designs of genocide.corruption

FACTS by poll
25% USA Muslims support violent jihad
51% USA Muslims want shariah
60% French Muslims support suicide bombing all or sometimes
Majority Palestinians support suicide bombing vs Jews

Islam: Cannibalism, pedophilia, bestiality, violent jihadism, designs of genocide.
 Islamaphobia? No such thing. Phobias are irrational by definition. Fear of Islam is 100% rational. 
The President of Egypt gathered Egyptian Imams and told them Islam must have a reformation. Muslims who do not share the barbarism must take control of Islam. Until then, we are at war with Islam. 

Tragically, the US president aids and abets Islamic jihad. Here are 213 examples
Obama brought in a million more Muslims, including 1500 known terrorists, and wants another 100,000 Syrian Muslims at least? Obama says 99.9% of Muslims want what we want. Oh yeah
1. huge #s of Muslims support ISIS and as its enemy, IRAN chants “death to USA, death to Israel”. ISIS issues a grave warning to America: We have scores of "trained soldiers" positioned in 15 states and we're ready to attack. Obama is pretend fighting them. He is “dithering, or pursuing some grand strategy that exists in his head and nowhere else discernible” Wall Street Journal Oct. 3-4, 2015. On Iran, Obama open the vault, gives the worst terrorist nation on earth $150 billion to help fund their massive weapons program, including ICBMs to attack the USA, as well as Obama ltting iran inspect itself..
2. Did you know a Imim has a fatwa okaying can EAT THEIR WIVES
3. Some Muslims preachers say Muslims can EAT JEWS AND CHRISTIANS In the book “Persuasion in Resolving the Words of Abi Shoga” that takes after the Shafi school of jurisprudence, the author says a Muslim warrior may kill and eat infidel men, women and children if they were not warriors themselves. But not pigs.
Islam sanctions 4.PEDIOPHILIA They throw gays off the roof but raping little boys is a well accepted practice among many
6. 1/3 USA Muslims support violent jihad
7. Don’t let the BDS student terrorists fool you. Palestinians are barbarians, violent terrorist jhadists with no claim to Israel’s land.
8. They kill their own, think what they’ll do to us. Assad killed 250,000+ in Syria, Isis beheads, Saddam used gas vs own people

9. Sexual slavery and rape

Sexual Slavery: "Nothing to do with Islam"?

by Uzay Bulut  •  October 5, 2015 at 5:00 am
  • "They are also taught that white non-Muslims are easy, cheap, dirty sluts and that it is their right [to take them]. ... On top of this, teaching people to hate anyone who is not a Muslim -- as is done in many mosques -- will, of course, lead to a lot of people hating anyone who is not a Muslim. ... The problem, however, is also due to police, judges, lawyers, and teachers, fearing the words 'racist' and 'Islamophobe' -- and nothing is being done to stop that." -- Toni Bugle, women's rights activist, founder of Mothers against Radical Islam and Sharia, and victim of child-rape.
  • "When girls are raped, they are referred to by the rapists as 'white trash,' 'white whores' and 'white kuffir.' It is said to the girls quite openly. And the girls tell the police. Yet the assaults are never recognized as 'racially motivated. ... "I am sick of being told that I matter less because, I was born white, or that someone else matters less because he was born a different color. Such terms are themselves racist. People now seem to be using the race card to behave in the most appalling manner." -- Toni Bugle.
  • Many British girls still stay silent. The perpetrators threaten and intimidate them: "This would be enough to silence most girls. In addition, the police ignore the pleas of these girls, so they do not trust the police. I do think the silence of the community means it acquiesces."
  • In Islam, only non-Muslims may be taken as slaves -- a rule that is unfortunately only further evidence of a supremacist doctrine within Islam: that Islam is superior to other religions, and its adherents therefore entitled to privileges not afforded to members of other religions.

A protest against child-grooming in Rotherham, on October 5, 2014, organized by the group "Britain First." (Image source: Britain First)
The sexual abuse of non-Muslim children and women at the hands of Jihadist groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram is not only a widespread practice in the Muslim world, but, sadly, has a lot to do with Islamic teachings.
Sexual slavery is deeply embedded in Islamic law and tradition. The founder of Islam also practiced and approved of slavery, as was more common at the time. Caliphs had harems of hundreds or thousands of young girls and women brought from Christian, Hindu, Persian and African lands.
Islamic slavery also was, and is, race-based. Umar, Muhammad's father-in-law and a caliph, declared that Arabs could not be taken as slaves; he even emancipated all Arab slaves. In Islam, only non-Muslims may be taken as slaves -- a rule that is unfortunately only further evidence of a supremacist doctrine within Islam: that Islam is superior to other religions, and its adherents therefore entitled to privileges not afforded to members of other religions.

The truths of Jews getting stabbed, rammed, hit by rocks daily by Muslims
2 questions
1.      Why are Palestinians trying to kill Jews? Answer: that is what Muslims do. When is the last time you went to church/synagogue and the preacher was giving lessons on how to properly stab a Muslim? Here is imam urging them on to stab Jews in the streets.  This is a barbaric, maniacal religion. It has been from day 1 when Mohammed slaughtered all his Jewish neighbors who had sheltered him. 590 million killed by Muslims over the centuries. That is why Egypt’s leader urged his Imam’s for a reformation within Islam. Obama’s biggest lie? 99% of Muslims want what we want. By poll, 30% USA Muslims support violent jihad. They only stop temporarily when they don’t think they’ll succeed. Palestinians were established by Muslims for the sole purpose of weakening Israel. They have 0 history . They have no interest in living peacefully next to Israel. They are committed to killing Jews and destroying Israel. Period. That is what they teach their kindergarteners. There is no “OCCUPATION”. The land belongs to the Jews legally. Overwhelmingly the Arabs living there have 0 ties to the area.
2. Why is the UN, Obama, Kerry blaming Israel and/or unwilling to state clearly that Palestinians shoud stop stabbing Jews? Because #Jewishlivesdontmatter to the world. Never have..The world’s left, including USA’s Democrats,  couldn’t care less about dead Jews
In his answer on the Palestinian organized campaign to murder Jews in Israel, fueled by both Hamas and Abbas, Obama once again can't bring himself to just condemn killing of Jews and Islamic terror, but…/shock-video-obama-blames…/
WHY? Only one plausible answer. Obama is a pro-Islamic jihadist. Islamic jihadist advocacy  200+ examples of Obama support for radical Islamic jihad


PA corruption 
Time to Deport the PLO from Israel
by Daniel Greenfield
October 2, 2015
...The PLO repeatedly violated that agreement by waging war against Israel. Its leaders, Arafat and Abbas, made a mockery of the negotiations. They sabotaged every opportunity to reach an agreement making it clear that they did not want a settlement and they did not want to negotiate. Now Abbas has made it official.  There’s only one thing left for Israel to do. It’s time to deport the dictator, who barely controls half the population that he claims to represent, his 1,000 member presidential guard, his 57,000 member Presidential Security Force and the rest of his 150,000 employees who get paid retirement at fifty and many of whom have not reported to work since 2007

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  1. All Rubbish Brother Even the refrences aren't authentic

    i find it funny because people like you who doesn't have a bit knowledge about islam stand and do stuff like this the most disgusting thing is your refrences ,if you have knowledge about islam you shouldn't be doing that
    Brother every religion whether it is islam or hinduism or christianity none of the religions order beating people or raping girls every religion preaches to be a good person
    so plz if you dont have knowledge about islam plz dont do that and i suggest you to read Quran and match those versus youv'e quoted