Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hillary: anti-israel, corrupt, liar, totalitarian, radical Alinskyite, incompetent. Only votes for her based on sexism.

Voting for Hillary is a sexist act. Can’t be for any valid reason. 
Totally corrupt Hillary raised 2 BILLION for her scam foundation, less than 10% goes to charity, the rest to finance their lavish lifestyle. Then she gives favors to dubious characters, including allowing Russian uranium to Iran. See how disgusting Democrats are ignoring this and picking on Rubio for having a mortgage.
scandal after scandal  obviously took bribes as Secr. of State from Arabs and Iranian traffickers
has long history anti-Israel views,  her top aid has deep Muslim terrorism ties
as Secr. of State was architect of Obama’s catastrophic foreign policy, lives in segregated community (1.9% Blacks)
Where is the $6 billion missing from State Dept durng her tenure? 
We don’t even begin to understand the depths of Hillary’s depravity, corruption, lying, pro jihadism, anti Israel policies,and incompetency,?
The following is a partial list of a large number of persons who who are presumed to be "Casualties of the Clintons


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