Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Comey should read the law. Statute is Gross negligence".

Is Comey just scared he’d get killed like the 90+ associates of Clinton’s who died mysteriously?
Even the FBI has been corrupted by the LEFT.
Have the Democrats ever nominated a more repugnant human being for president than Hillary Clinton? Doesn’t seem to bother them.
 Comey should read the law.
Statute is Gross negligence". If Hillary's conduct was not gross negligence, nothing is. Unfit to lead. Is Comey naïve? part of the corruption? Stupid He said she was "extremely careless". How is that not "gross negligence"? There are 2 different statutes involved. One involves intent. One is Gross negligence which, by definition, is not intent. Comey improperly conflated the 2.
Comey has decided to politicize and degrade the FBI more so than any other director.
1.    Hacked by Iran? Comey: “Given that combination of factors we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access 2 Sec. Clinton’s personal e-mail account.” http://www.breitbart.com/video/2016/07/05/cybersecurity-analyst-theres-no-doubt-clintons-emails-are-in-the-hands-of-our-adversaries/
2.    John Bolton: “The #FBI recommends no charges & yet there is evidence of potential violations regarding the handling of classified info. Unbelievable.
3.    Hillary Main lie: The Hillary lie: She said she never sent or received classified info Comey today: She sent & received 110 emails containing classified info
4.    Comey “Clinton sent/received emails with "SAP" classified designations and Clinton "should have known" an unclassified system was inappropriate”  How is she fit to lead?
5.    If anyone else in the world commits a crime, does saying “I didn’t intend for our nation’s top secrets to be hacked by China” exonerate you? Not a chance.
6.    Herman Cain: “After presenting all the evidence that she broke the law, that blatantly lied and that she was completely irresponsible in the handling of classified information, the FBI director announces that the rule of law is no longer a thing in America.
7.    Rudy Guliani: It is a DERELICTION of DUTY not to indict Hillary clinton

8.    Comey claims no prosecutor would bring charges. Wanna bet we find one after Trump wins? 

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