Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hillary is a monster. Vote for her is advancing evil.

Hillary Clinton is a monster. If you vote for her or stay home, (nevetrumpers) you are aiding evil.
Trump is the most successful man ever to run. Employs tens of thousands, beloved by his employees.
Hillary and nevertrump voters endanger the nation and all of us. HILLARY WILL 1. CRUSH ECONOMY 2. AID ISLAMIC JIHAD 3. TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOMS 4. IS MENTALLY UNFIT, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, BRIBE TAKER, TOTALLY CORRUPT 5. WORST EVER SECRETARY OF STATE How can any decent, intelligent, non-corrupt person, vote for Hillary? https://www.facebook.com/RpblcJew/videos/10154120337560837/ 
2. Trump will be great president for these 30 reasons. http://jewsfortrump.blogspot.com/2016/05/trump-or-hillary-it-is-easy-choice.html
3. FBI Director laid out case of her pathological LYING about emails. Why did he not want to prosecute? In short, Comey serves as the director of a massive bank that pours massive amounts of money into the Clinton Foundation.
4. Took hundreds millions bribes $$$ from world’s worst nations while Secr. Of state, including those who murder LGBT
5. Complete Obama/Hillary CORRUPTION: IRS harasses opponents, Gave guns to Mexican drug lords used to kill US border agent
6. Lied about Benghazi to help obama’s reelection by covering for advancing Islamic terrorism
7. Regular anti-Semitic statements
8. Secret Service aid wrote book saying she is INSANE
9. Worst ever, most incompetent Secretary of State. World disintegrated on her watch: Iran, N. Korea, Russia, China, MidEast. She supports Iran deal! http://strongandresolute.blogspot.com/2016/07/no-one-pays-attention-to-irans.html
10. Lifetime of helping Islamic radical jihad and anti Israel
11. Saul Alinsky radical mentored
12. She applauds Obama’s worst ever presidency: doubled all accumulated debt by 42 presidents, debt, record poverty, worst ever annual growth for 8 years, record regulations and high taxes, businesses closing, record # quit looking for jobs,
13. Wants open borders, import 1 MILLION Muslim unvettable  rapefugees
14. Led campaign to ABUSE Women Bill raped and abused
16. As defense attorney, LAUGHED about getting child rapist off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tor00iWUhDQ
How could you vote for such a monster?

16. Hillary’s coalition: The protesters at the Ohio RNC Convention consisting of militarized Black Panthers, weaponized BLM carrying placards that say " Stop The Hate", " Death To Israel" ," Islam Is Peace",, assorted cop and whitey hating, Palestinian flags, Mexican flags and the " Hillary 2016" whiteys open carrying AR rifles. No American flags

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