Sunday, July 10, 2016

JFK jr was going to run for Senate seat Hillary got, until he died in plane accident.

1.       Hillary most repugnant, corrupt candidate ever. Trump could be GREAT President. Hillary would accelerate our decline. We will not recognize this nation after a few of her Supreme Court picks.
2.       Hillary is such a brazen liar she is still lying about her emails even after FBI Director delineated her lies.  She lied about Benghazi being caused by video. Lied about pretending to be under sniper fire. Says police are as bad as Isis. Video Shows All The Times Obama And Hillary Bashed Police And Praised BLM Says we need to empathize with Isis and fight them with love. Longest aid Huma is from Muslim Brotherhood terrorist family.    Deluded about isam  10 reasons why Islamic terrorists want Hillary to be president
3.       Wants to confiscate all guns
4.       Longest aid Huma is from Muslim Brotherhood terrorist family
5.       Hillary anti-Semite History of racism. Anti-Semite: ,  her other closest aid, Sid Blumenthal regularly sends vicious anti Israel emails Hillary enemy of Israel She tried to justify 10,000 missiles from Hamas at Israel shot from hospitals and schools. Many witnesses say she regularly used anti-semitic slurs Hillary anti-Semite History of racism. Anti-Semite: ,   Israel hater: Hillary Clinton is an Israel hater. Classic liberal election lie that she is pro Israel.
6.       CORRUPTION: While secr. Of State, she and her husband collected hundreds millions $$$ from world’s worst nations which can only be seen as bribe efforts
7.       FBI Director says her emails likely hacked. Will be used to blackmail her if she is elected
8.       Mentored by same radical Saul Alinsky Rules for radicals
9.       Supports Obama’s worst ever presidency and doubles down on it: record poverty, doubled all our previous debt, military gutted, IRS abused political opponents, more businesses close than open, 94 million+ quit looking for jobs not counted in unemployment numbers, lowest economic growth over 8 years ever,
10.   Their phony foundation gives 6% to charity. The rest is to fund their lavish lifestyle.
11.   Worst Secretary of State ever: under her watch, Iran deal hatched, Syria/Iraq/Libya/Yemen all disintegrated under Iran influence, Alquida, Isis and 85+ other Islamic terror groups grew, Russia, China  North Korea all expand
12.   Led campaign to abuse women Bill raped and abused
13.   For no border controls, and unlimited illegal aliens our in
14.   wants to import many Syrian rapefugees that FBI says unvettable
17. Her attacks against Trump are lies: Hillary supporter and Obama enthusiast leads Moody report that Trump will cause recession. Surprised? .
18.   Led campaign to ABUSE WOMEN her husband raped and abused
fired from Watergate committee job for unethical behavior
19. Secret service agent who was on their detail 8 years wrote new book detailing that book  she’s INSANE
20. VA does atrocious job taking care of our vets and this idiot wants to extend it to all of us
21. Through Clinton Foundation our uranium to Russia went to Iran through bribe. All detailed in book Clinton Cash

How can anyone vote for this treasonous, corrupt, evil person Hillary

GREAT CHOICE for AMERICA: TRUMP! 1. Will shut off southern lawless border 2. Rebuild military 3. Oppose our adversaries and enemies rapid expansion 4. Destroy Isis 5. Confront Iran 6. 100% support of Israel, 7. Brilliant businessman will cut our debt 8. Cut corporate tax rate 9. Rebalance Supreme court from radical leftist direction Obama/Hillary want 10. Repeal Obamacare 11. Fix VA 12. 100% backer of Israel 1. 30 years in public eye and not one report racism or misogamy.

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