Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dems are Russian appeasers, not Trump

Hillary treasonous Russian appeasement
Dems hypocritically attacking Trump for joke about asking Russia to find her illegally (post subpoena) deleted 30,000) 1.. Obama tells Russian prez he'll be "more flexible" after 2012 election. 2. Hillary gives Russia reset button. 3. Crooked hillary 20% of our uranium to russia as part of her phony Foundation.
4. Obama/Hillary are the incompetents who let Russia back into MIddle east after 70 years of keeping them out. 5.Russia has expanded aggressively during Obama.
Dems are Russian appeasers. They do this to DISTRACT us from her careless, reckless, negligent use of bathroom stored server with our top top secrets

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