Monday, July 4, 2016

Lethal combination for America: Obama followed by Hillary

Lethal combination for America: Obama worst president ever followed by Hillary, who wants to double down on his historic worst presidency and is most corrupt ever to run. Trump could be GREAT President. Hillary would accelerate our decline.
Obama worst ever president: record poverty, doubled all previous debt, gutted our military to record small, more businesses closing than opening, most new jobs part time or low paying, record quit looking for jobs, all our adversaries flourish: N Korea, Iran, Russia, China, Isis, Alquida, uses IRA to abuse opponents, gave guns to Mexican drug lords, alienate Israel, record poor economic growth after recession DEMOCRATS (not Bush) caused, unlimited Muslim imported, no border control lets in huge masses, VA scandal, record world high corporate tax rates drive businesses overseas, pretend to fight Isis, Obamacare disaster, genocidal Iran deal,
Hillary: Pathological liar (Benghazi, sniper fire), uses Clinton Foundation to take bribes of hundreds of Millions $$$ from terrorist nations to influence her as Secr. Of State, and transfer our uranium to Iran thru Russia, (hundreds examples documented in Clinton Cash book) Irresponsible use of unsecured private server stored in her home bathroom with our topo secrets,  hacked by all our adversaries,  every decision she ever made as Secr of state was wrong, Mideast blew up under her watch, supported iran deal, radical leftist mentored by Alinksy just as Obama, 80+ close associates who presented problems died under “mysterious circumstances”.  History of racism. Anti-Semite: , Led campaign to ABUSE Bill’s rape and abuse victims, Top aid Huma from Muslim terrorist family, emails reveal deep seated hatred of Israel, thinks deal with isis with love and kindness, fired from Watergate committee job for unethical behavior, will make Supreme Court ultra left, Secret service agent book says she’s INSANE, How can anyone vote for this treasonous, corrupt, evil person Hillary

GREAT CHOICE for AMERICA: TRUMP! 1. Will shut off southern lawless border 2. Rebuild military 3. Oppose our adversaries and enemies rapid expansion 4. Destroy Isis 5. Confront Iran 6. 100% support of Israel, 7. Brilliant businessman will cut our debt 8. Cut corporate tax rate 9. Rebalance Supreme court from radical leftist direction Obama/Hillary want 10. Repeal Obamacare 11. Fix VA 12. 100% backer of Israel 1. 30 years in public eye and not one report racism or misogamy.

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