Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hillary will continue Obama's worst ever economic record. Trump's will be great..

Hillary will continue Obama's worst ever economic record. Trump's will be great.. 

Corrupt Hillary says "I'll create jobs". Democrats do not understand that government does not create jobs. Obama economy was the WORST performing economy over 8 years EVER. He gave us Record POVERTY. Massive increase in wealth gap. Record low labor participation rate.  Remember the wasted TRILLION dollar Obama stimulus where he promised to create millions of jobs, and created none? Small businesses create jobs and under Obamanomics, more businesses CLOSED than opened. Worst ever 8 year record of anemic economic growth under Obamanomics. Last quarter annualized .2% growth while china 7%, Indian 6%, Israel 4%.  Hillary will continue and raise the world's HIGHEST corporate tax, driving businesses overseas. 60 year worst record of home owndership. Shrinking middle class. Masses increases in medical premiums. Doubling all previous DEBT. They used to get it. JFK was Reagan like supply sider where you LOWER taxes and massively increase the economy and government revune and private jobs.
      Obama says Hillary will be his third term.  America's economy will be shrunken ever more with her. When Bill says she's a change agent, the only thing he could be right on is the POCKET CHANGE they donated for haitain relief when they STOLE hundreds of millions donated to them for the relief.   The Clintons stole almost all the money donated to them for Haitain relief and gave the Change from their pockets to Haiti to rebuild. Ask your liberal friends how they can vote for this con artist, thief, corrupt, evil monster.

      Hillary's attacks claiming Trump's plan will be bad is made by the same liberal economists morons who predicted Obama's stimulus would create millions of jobs. Zandi had donated to Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign and that he had advised the Obama administration on its stimulus and mortgage-restructuring proposals.
Economist and television pundit Larry Kudlow praised Donald Trump's tax plan, saying it would boost the economy. "He's the only guy out there with a comprehensive business tax cut, and I think that's the single most important potential growth stimulate,"

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