Wednesday, July 20, 2016

There are 4 reasons Trump must be elected over Hillary. 1. Economy/Domestic policy 2. Foreign policy 3. Character 4. Her fascism

We are on a very dangerous trajectory of economic collapse, Islamic
terror ruin rampant, a more aggressive China, Russia, N. Korea, weakened allies, loss of our Constitutional rights, and this will all come to be if Hillary wins. Hillary voters and nevertrumpers will be
responsible for aiding and abetting the destruction of the nation and the world. Wise up before it is too late. Democrats destroy our economy, the world is ablaze
because of their awful policies, they nominate the most repugnant, low character, most corrupt candidate ever, and the sicko Democrats DO NOT CAREW.  They want to end many of our Constitutional rights. They can never win on the issues so they can only hurl lies and try and distract the nation with nonsense. If you vote for Hillary or are still a neverTrumper you are either stupid or evil. You jeopardize the nation and the world. She is ANTI-SEMITE, RACIST, WOMAN ABUSER, IMMORAL, CORRUPT, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, INCOMPETENT, RADICAL LEFTIST, MENTALLY UNFIT, DOUBLES DOIWN ON WORST PRESIDENCY EVER, BRIBE TAKER, ISRAEL HATER, ISLAMIC TERRORIST APPEASER.

Trump has been fighting for Jewish and minority rights for many decades. He employs thousands of women, minorities, all religions and beloved by them He has done amazing charitable work. His plans will save America and the world.

 There are 4 reasons Trump must be elected over Hillary, all to save our nation and the world.

1. Economy/Domestic policy 2. Foreign policy 3. Character 4. Hillary’s fascism

see the analysis here.
1. Economy/Domestic policy. So many of our problems can be
solved by NOT electing Democrats. We have record poverty, doubling of all previous DEBT by Obama, more businesses failing than starting, a deteriorating medical system exploding in costs, record # quit looking for jobs out of frustration not counting in unemployment stats. Hillary will drive our economy into the ground (Wall Street Journal "With chutzpah one has to admire, the party that in two terms weakened, if not wrecked, the economy, now presents itself as its savior.”, anemic growth, middle class has lost ground, income inequality gap widened hugely, blacks worse off, terrible recovery, record # unemployed, more racial tension...Over taxation and over regulation= increased economic inequality, job killing Obamacare, driving businesses out of the country.) She is for OPEN BORDERS, letting in UNLIMITED illegal aliens, plus Wants to import 1,000,000 Syrian rapefugees that FBI says unvettable and 13% admit to supporting isis.

Our Vets getting horrible care from socialized VA. Hillary wants to expand that horrible care
to us all.
She admits she wants to 1. Confiscate all legal guns (hypocrite walks around for 30 years with armed guards 2. Kill the coal industry

Blacks: Why would a black person vote for Hillary? The Democrats policies HURT Blacks purposefully see the proof and analysis

2. Foreign Policy. She was the most incompetent Secr. Of state ever,

Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran, Ira, Syria, Yemen, Libya, anti-Israel).

Gutted military endangers us. Policy towards Islamic terror endangers us. FBI Director says she was extremely RECKLESS with our nation’s top secrets through her unauthorized preserver she kept unprotected in her basement from hacks. At a time of exploding Islamic terrorism, she coddles, appeases and aids it instead of fighting it.

Viciously anti-Israel

she supports genocidal Iran deal

3. Character. She is a monster,

She is the most repugnant candidate ever! a. A Lifetime of scandal after scandal but always gets off. . Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals…/here-they-are-hillarys-22-biggest-sc…/

b.Corrupt, c. pathological lying,( repeated serial lying about emails, and still lying about them signs of PSYCOPATH:

d. insane Her close Secret service aid of 8 years wrote a book detailing her mental instability. e. reckless with our secrets, f. bribe taking, (While secr. Of State, she and her husband collected hundreds millions $$$ from world’s worst nations which can only be seen as bribe efforts-all detailed in the book Clinton cash. Their phony foundation gives 6% to charity. The rest is to fund their lavish lifestyle.)g.Hillary anti-Semitic, (anti

h. Blacklivesmatter supporter to achieve racial unrest . i.. She is a racist Panders to Black racists and embraces KKK Senator Byrd.

She is stirring up racial unrest along with Obama. Why are police being killed in record numbers? Obama/Hillary want chaos and societal disintegration

j. Woman hater: led campaign to abuse women Bill raped and abused. Led campaign to abuse women her husband abused/Paid women much less than men in State dept. and her foundation/Took bribes of hundreds of millions $$$ from states that persecute women and gays

k. amoral: laughed about getting child rapist off, fired from senate committee for ethics violations, l. 90+ acquaintances “died” under mysterious circumstances. M. $6 billion missing from state dept when she was DSecr. Of state. Where is it?

VS. Trump 30 years in public eye and never one accusation of racism or anti-Sewmitism.. He is beloved by his tens of thousands of diverse employees. Democrats lose on every issue so all they can do is cheap shot/lie accusations about racism, sexism, misogyny. He is the most successful and charitable man ever to run for president. Spent 30 years for jews and blacks to be admitted to discriminatory clubs.

a. This will be 4 more disastrous years of Obama. Doubling down on Obama’s historic worst presidency ever, Hillary embraces obama’s worst ever presidency.

b. Read this article from July 19 WSJournal about why vote Trump:

McGurn focuses on the horrible impact a Clinton presidency would have on 11.economy 2. social issues .3. Foreign affairs 4. Supreme Court. Top 19 reasons show Hillary to be most corrupt, dangerous criminal, treasonous person ever to run for president

4. Fascism. Hillary’s Supreme Court appointments will forever end many of our Constitutional freedom:

a. She will criminalize free speech by legislation sought by the Democrats to outlaw criticism of climate change and Islam. She wants Scotus to overturn Citizens case which allows you to make contributions to politicians. b. Her SCOTUS will confiscate all guns, destroying the 2nd amendment. c. The left is already destroying freedom of religion, telling people with Biblical values they are outside the pale.

d. Obama wants to federalize the police. Hitler did it. Called the gestapo.


1. Will close the borders and deport illegal felons that Obama opened

2. Will slow Muslim immigration which endangers us that Obama did. It is the law

3. Will destroy Isis that Obama pretends to fight

4. Will improve balance of trade

5. Will cut business killing regulations that Obama instituted

6. Will reform tax system. Best plan.

7. Will support our allies that Obama repudiated

8. Will end Obamacare

9. Will end “sanctuary cities” harboring illegal immigrant felons that Obama encouraged

10. Will rebuild our military Obama gutted

11. Will improve care for our Vets Obama ignored

12. Will stop IRS and EPA abusing citizens Obama did

13. Will reform welfare that led to our record poverty under Obama

14. He won’t be Hillary: corrupt, pathological liar, scandal after scandal, sold out nation for profit, aided Islamic terror,

15. Will keep Gitmo open and add "lots of really bad guys"

16. Will scare world leaders of enemies to cooperating, as Reagan did.

17. Close to Israel PM Netanyahu

18. Breitbart gives 5 more reasons

19. Will balance budget with "penny plan"

20. Names Sen. Jeff Sessions to form foreign policy adviser team

21. He will scrap economy destroying phony climate change agreement He's called climate change a "hoax" and now Donald J. Trump says he'll scrap the Paris agreement altogether

If he does this, he will be a GREAT President.

Obama worst president ever

Obama is a radical Islamic jihadist

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