Sunday, July 24, 2016

For the first time ever, we never once surpassed 3%. Democrats have no clue how to grow the economy.

. Economy/Domestic policy. So many of our problems can be solved by NOT electing Democrats. We have record poverty, doubling of all previous DEBT by Obama, more businesses failing than starting, a deteriorating medical system exploding in costs, record # quit looking for jobs out of frustration not counting in unemployment stats. Hillary will drive our economy into the ground (Wall Street Journal "With chutzpah one has to admire, the party that in two terms weakened, if not wrecked, the economy, now presents itself as its savior.”, anemic growth, middle class has lost ground, income inequality gap widened hugely, blacks worse off, terrible recovery, record # unemployed, more racial tension...Over taxation and over regulation= increased economic inequality, job killing Obamacare, driving businesses out of the country.) It's the economy, stupid...

Trump covered 50 points in his final RNC speech, delineating the massive failures of the Obama/Hillary regime and what he wants to do to fix it. The WSJournal editorial said he did not emphasize one thing enough that is crucial, the historically horrible, anemic poor growth of the last 7 1/2 years. For the first time ever, we never once surpassed 3%. This year will be 1.7% or so. China 7%. India 6%. Israel 4%. why? because Democrats have no clue how to grow the economy. They do the opposite of what works. They like high taxes, massive regulations and Obama doubling of all debt. Hillary will be worse. Besides terrorism and cop killing, the economy is tops for most people. Trump, its the economy. Low growth =record low participation in labor force, middle class shrinking and losing wealth, record poverty and record low black employment. "Mr. Trump’s biggest lost opportunity was focusing too little on solutions to revive economic growth....The real reason for slower growth is the Obama agenda of high taxes, multiplying regulations across the economy, and government allocation of credit. Mr. Trump did get to those problems, albeit more than an hour into his speech and then as something of a laundry list."

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