Saturday, July 9, 2016

Obama wants societal deterioration, including cop killings and riots

Obama wants societal deterioration
We elected a radical, community DISorganizer as president. This is all planned by Obama and Hillary as part of Alinsky plan “Rules for radicals” .
1. Obama has taken side of guilty minority thugs and/or against police each time he has mentioned a case
2. His radical banker George Soros spent $33 million financing Furgeson riots and now hiring professional rioters to interfere with Trump rallies
3. Obama and Hillary’s radical mentor Saul Alinsky preaches abut causing societal chaos
4. Obama invited Furgeson rioters to White House to egg them on
5. Record poverty under Obama and record growth of wealth inequality part of the strategy
6. Obama wants to cop killings and chaos
It is not a coincidence that
 Sheriff Clark blames Obama
b.      Obama has purposely caused this racial divide leading to chaos
c.  WATCH: Video Shows All The Times Obama And Hillary Bashed Police And Praised BLM
d. mass shootings up,
e. murder rates up in
f. Democratic cities, cops quitting in record numbers,
g. cops not being as proactive (Furgeson effect)

Democrats were successful again in diverting our attention from FBI Director calling Hillary liar and irresponsible with nation’s secrets. Obama and Democrats are stimulating societal disintegration on purpose, including cop killing, riots, increased racial tension, record poverty, Murder rates up in Democrat controlled cities, record debt, demonizing opponents, huge upsurge in black on black murders with no comments from Democrats. Obama wants this. Was trained for it. Now wants “summer of chaos” leading to elections. You have to try hard to ruin America as fast as Obama has and he has been very good at it. Hillary will continue his efforts. Also Alinsky mentored.

The Jewish teaching: Adam yachid: why does the Bible start with one singular person: to teach we all have the same father and no one is better than another. No race, sex, ethnic group. All are made in god’s image. (Mishnah Sanhedrin) 

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