Monday, July 25, 2016

The Democrats are talking as if they did not have the White House the last 8 years. We tried the Democratic way for 8 years. Total disaster

The Democrats are talking as if they did not have the White House the last 8 years. We tried the Democratic way for 8 years. Total disaster and they LIE to us again, thinking we are stupid, that things are good. Obama is the worst president ever by EVERY MEASURE and Hillary wants to double down on this disaster Obama just ignored congress and did what he wanted and it is a disaster. And now Hillary doubles down on this nightmare and will exacerbate it.
World’s highest corporate taxes. Bypassing Congress to get thousands of new business killing regulations, doubling all Federal previous debt.
And what did we get? More income inequality, record poverty. Worst ever recovery from recession the democrats caused. Worst period of 8 year anemic growth, never over 3%. Record low # in labor market. Admitted lied to sell terrible Obamacare and genocidal Iran deal.
What did we get? Birthed Isis. Benghazi. Highest racial tension in many decades. Soaring murder rates in Democratically run cities. Soaring cop killings. The DNC leaked emails show Democrats truly use racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Hispanic, and antigay tactics to win, while Hillary is doubling down on the Obama 7 ½ years of worst presidency ever. They caused 2007 recession and blamed it on Bush. Gutted the military. Done nothing about infrastructure, despite the 1 TRILLION stimulus wasted. Mistreated the Vets.
What did we get? Catastrophic foreign policy, empowered our enemies and adversaries while alienating our allies, They birthed Isis, gave $150 billion to world’s worst terrorist nation Iran. She was the WORST, most INCOMPETENT Secretary of State ever and the left wants to promote her? WSJournal "It may be too late for Obama to understand that the the power vacuums he created in the Middle East are the source of today's global terror." Who was America's top diplomat when this was happening? Hillary! Used the IRS and EPA to abuse us. Pledge to kill coal and steel,
They want to destroy freedom of protecting ourselves with guns, free speech, freedom of religion. Hillary’s Supreme Court appointments will seal it.
What did we get?Pro Islamic jihad. Daily murderous attacks from isis throughout the world, and Hillary wants to import 1,000,000 Syrian rapefugees even as we see with our own eyes how they are destroying Europe, and how NOT ONE Muslim country will even tale 1. Isis planned this invasion to conquest, which part of Islamic age old game plan to conquer. Democrats fall for it. All of our intelligence agencies say we cannot vet them properly. Yet Democrats plan to proceed with this suicide. 65+ Islamic terror groups spreading evil all around world and Hillary says fight them with love and kindness. Obama is pro radical Islamic jihad
And Hillary is the same.
Illegal alien felons killing and raping Americans and Hillary wants open borders. Hillary applauds all this and will exacerbate it.
And now the nominate a woman abuser, racist, anti-Semite, besides being the most repugnant, corrupt, low character, bribe taking, lying, candidate ever.
Hillary LIAR: a. Lied about Benghazi cause to protect Obama, b. FBI Director outlines her many lies about emails c. lied about sniper fire.
Hillary took hundred millions $$ from world’s worst nations as BRIBES to INFLUENCE her when she was Secrt of State. Read Clinton Cash
INSANE. Hillary 8 year Secret Service officer wrote book saying she is INSANE
Hillary embraces Black Lives matter which is in cahoots with Muslim radicals, preaches cop killings. Hillary ANTIEMITISM: overheard often saying “ Jew bastar…” Her exposed emails show often vicious anti-Israel emails, she tried to justify Hamas terrorists sending 10,000 missiles at Israel. Why are so many former Clinton associates dead under mysterious circumstances?

The sick thing is Democrats do not care. Demonic, Disgraceful, Deluded, Disgusting Democrats. What is beyond comprehension though, is that 70% Democrats say they’d still support her had she been indicted

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Trump will be great president for these 30 reasons.

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