Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Democratic Party is based on these lies

Democratic Party is based on these lies
Biggest LIAR by far is Hillary. http://strongandresolute.blogspot.com/2016/07/hillary-still-lying-after-outed-as-liar.html but rhe ideological basis of the party is based on LIES.
1. Climate change is occurring and it is bad, and due to human activity
2. Stricter gun control is the answer to terrorism, violent crime. (Chicago strictest gun control, highest homicide rate) http://defendandcarry.com/harvard-study-shocks-banning-firearms-increases-crime-not-just-in-u-s/
3. Police are targeting blacks to kill (Harvard study by Black prof. out yesterday proves this is a lie)
4. We can safely import Muslim Syrian rapefugees.
5. Gender pay gap is due to discrimination, and not choices women make
6. Raising the minimum wage will help the working poor. (it has already starting costing huge job loss)
7. Obama has done a good job with the economy. (truth: record poverty, doubled all debt, first Prez ever to never exceed 3% annual growth, more business close than open, 94 million quit looking for jobs)
8. Bin laden dead=Obama good job on terrorism (Isis born by Obama incompetency, has flourished as have 85 other islamic terror groups)
9. Obamacare keep dr, keep plan will save families money, cost only 99 billion. All lies
10. Hillary did a good job as sec of State (Russia? China? N. korea? Iran? Middle East?
11. Hillary emails insignificant issue. Should not have been indicted. (56% USA disagrees)
12. Accusations vs Bill raped and abused women have been discredited. (not 1)
13. Clinton Foundation is charitable. (6% goes to charity. It is money laundering scheme to take bribes from world’s worst nations)
14. Hillary is trustworthy (lied about Benghazi, about emails, about sniper fire, takes bribes through Clinton foundation)

15. Racism is systemic (We have Black prez, Attorney general, Supreme court, national security advisor, UN ambassador, Repub Senator, many congressmen, many police chiefs,. It was negligible until Obama came to office to stimulate it)
16. To INCREASE world peace, US has to gut its military (truth, the exact opposite has happened)
17. To make things more equal, we should INCREASE taxes. (truth, Income inequality has increased u der Obama and we have record poverty)
18. To stop Iran from getting nuclear bomb, we should give them deal ending in 10 years + $150 billion (truth, Obama ignores non stop violations from iran ans they increase terror funding and pursue nuclear weapons non stop) http://www.timesofisrael.com/year-after-iran-deal-us-says-world-safer-skeptics-proven-wrong/
19. If we ignore the Islamic link to terror, the terrorists will stop terrorizing. (King of Jordan and Prez of Egypt, Muslims, say the opposite. We need to identify the radicalization of Islam to curb it.
20. Peace in the Arab world will come if Israel makes great concessions to the Palestinians. Reality is it will do nothing for Muslim peace and no concessions on israel's part will satisfy the palestininas.
21. America was founded immorally, is a bad nation and owes the world everything. This is the nonsense actually taught to our kids
22. Blacklivesmatter is not a racist organization. (singling out any one race and suggesting those lives matter is, by definition, racist,) They believes police are greatest curse for blacks. Reality: no fathers in the home, black on black killings, drugs, welfare.
23. Our 18-22 year olds need safe rooms in college and need to be protected from statements by other students against micro aggressions.
24. Society is better off letting biological men claiming to be woman shower in girl locker rooms.
25. Bush caused the 2007 recession. Truth? http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/12/new-study-finds-democrats-fully-to-blame-for-subprime-mortgage-crisis-that-caused-financial-collapse/
26. Republicans are racist? wait, ever heard of Abe Lincoln? Democrats were =KKK. Hillary loved KKK grand wizard senator Byrd.
27. To save society, we must severely limit free speech by criminalizing criticism of climate change, or Islam as left is trying to do now.

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