Friday, July 15, 2016

People voting for Hillary IGNORE:

People voting for Hillary IGNORE:
She supports obama’s presidency. Obama’s record is record poverty
Obama increasing income inequality
Obama gutting military
Hillary lying about cause of Benghazi, repeated serial lying about emails, and still lying about them
Clinton Foundation gives virtually no charity, takes bribes from world’s worst nations see book Clinton Cash
That her main secret service agent of 8 years wrote book saying she is insane
Her long history of pro islamic jihad. Says police are as bad as Isis. Says we need to empathize with Isis and fight them with love.
Obama first Prez NEVER tp achieve 3% annual growth
Obama DOUBLING all previous DEBT
She supports disastrous Iran deal
Worst Secr. Of state ever: much of world fell apart on her watch, Russia, china, Iran, N Korea all expanded
wants to import many Syrian rapefugees that FBI says unvettable
Wants to confiscate all guns
Wants to kill coal, making us more dependent on foreign oil
FBI Director says her emails likely hacked. Will be used to blackmail her if she is elected
Hillary helping cop killing racists egging them on, ignoring facts BLM is based on LIES.
Mentored by same radical Saul Alinsky Rules for radicals as Obama
How can any decent person vote for Hillary? Reckless with our secrets, corrupt, bribe taker, anti-Semite, racist, anti-Israel, pro Islamic jihad, incompetent Secr. Of state,

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