Thursday, July 7, 2016

She is the most repugnant person ever nominated to candidacy from major party.

Hillary is a racist, anti-Semite, abuser of women her husband raped, pathological liar as confirmed by FBI, reckless with nation's top secrets, bribe taker, insane according to her Secret service Agent, lover of jihad, hater of israel. and half the country overlook it all because she is a Democrat.  This election is an easy choice: We have never had a worse president and Hillary will be worse yet.  She is the most repugnant person ever nominated to candidacy from major party.
1.       Pathological liar. FBI Director told world she lied non stop about her server. She lied about Benghazi. Lied about pretending to be under sniper fire. Should be charged with felonies for email server but FBI didn’t want to get involved. Perjured herself with congress, confirmed by FBI. Lied to them under oath.
2.       Insane and uncontrollable anger. 8 year Secret service personal agent to them wrote book about it

S   She says POLICE VIOLENCE IS more of a threat THAN ISIS!!!
3.       Took Bribes when Secr of State of hundreds of millions $$$ from  terrorist nations, big banks to their phony foundation which gives only 6% to charity. They obviously did so for INFLUENCE.
4.       Lifetime of scandal after scandal
6.       Led campaign to ABUSE WOMEN her husband raped and abused
7.       Long history of anti-Israel statements and beliefs including Defends 10,000 Hamas missiles fired at Israel
8.       Leaves unsecured server with top secrets our enemies hack
9.       Radical Alinsky mentored
10.   Every decision she made as Secr of state weakened USA and enhanced our enemies Every decision she ever made has hurt the USA. Incompetent at every job she ever had.
11.   Decisions led to Isis creation, now says fight them with “love, empathy and kindness”
12.   Why have over 80 close associates of Clinton’s died mysteriously?
13.   She wants to RAISE our already world’s HIGHEST corporate tax rate
15.   Want stop confiscate all guns, won’t stop IRS abuse
16.   Will bend Supreme Court radically left for generations
17.   Wants to make us MORE dependent on Arab oil, killing coal and fracking
18.   Wants no border control and unlimited aliens
19.   Supports Obama’s worst ever presidency
24.   Her attacks against Trump are lies: Hillary supporter and Obama enthusiast leads Moody report that Trump will cause recession. Surprised? .
25.   Hillary’s attack that Trump offers no details, is ridiculous for these reasons:
a. he has much more details on policy than she does. Look at his website
b. All her detailed policies have proven to be ruinous as worst secretary of State of all time
c. Better presidents paint broad pictures and the policy wonks implement them 
       1.2nd worst prez in last 100 years after Obama? Carter, well known to get elbow deep in details
       2.Best prez last 100 years, ended Cold war, booming economy was Reagan, famous for paining broad picture and leaving details to the experts

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